Draft minutes of July meeting added.  PC news added on the noticeboard by the Coronation Hall signposting where to go to see the agenda for meetings while the noticeboard is being repaired.  Agenda added for 11 September 2018  meeting.


PC minutes 2017-18 moved to archive list at bottom of PC meetings page.  Agenda added for meeting on 31 July 2018.  Draft minutes added for meeting held on 26 June 2018.  Draft Annual Meeting minutes updated with the agreed minutes.


Agenda for PC meeting on 26 June added.  Also, draft agenda of annual meeting held in May.  Agreed minutes of 24 April posted as well.


Kingsland PC – Agreed minutes added for meeting held 13 March 2018.  GDPR policies and notices added to new GDPR page in PC section of the site.