Village Talk – we have a picture from Kingsland Sports Day, probably 1948 and we need help to identify the people please.

Latest News – Welsh Water have given a direct number for resident to report sewerage issues.

History News (Kingsland History); Mortimer’s Cross Battlesite Walk details – April 16th

Planning Applications – Determination date added for redetermination of land adjoining Kingsleane planning application. New planning application for an agricultural building at Lawtonbury Farm, Eardisland.


Planning Applications – addition – Land next to Kingsleane planning application which is being being redetermined. Consultation end date 31st March 2016.

Planning Applications – addition – Amended plans and new consultation end date of 31st March for St Mary’s Farm

Trades and Services – new website link for Whitley Printing.

Memories from the Past – some new memories from Gordon Roberts


Appeal for Sponsors for KingslandLife – our appeal for funds to help pay for some technical back up is on the Home Page. All help gratefully received!

Parish Council Agenda for Tuesday 8th March meeting at PO plus draft January Minutes on Local Admin/Parish Council/Meetings and Agendas.

Olivet to Calvary concert at the church in Village Diary March 20th

Planning Applications – Extended determination date for St Mary’s farm application.

Fruit Tree Pruning on the Millennium Green in Village Diary March 12th.


Update on the Post Office under Latest News

Updates to the main Neighbourhood Plan page and additions to their Agendas and Minutes page

Flower Show reminder on the Home Page.