Update to the main Parish Council page

Memories from the Past – some wonderful information on Samuel and Ellen Small, buried at the Methodist Chapel from a contributor.

Posters for Kington Choral Society ‘The Armed Man’ mass for peace, an open day at Williams Handmade Leather in Bircher and May events for the Herefordshire Wildlife Trust all on our Other Useful Stuff page.

Information on new training sessions for beginners with Croft Ambrey Running Club and other sessions for experienced runners under their entry on the Local Facilities/Clubs and Organisations page.

Minutes added for parish council meetings of: 28 July 2015, 24 November 2015, 19 January 2016 and Draft minutes for 8 March 2016.  Agenda added for PC meeting on 12 April 2016.


April Kingsland News online via the link on the Home page. The March copy is available with other back copies at the bottom of the Other Useful Stuff page.


Parish Council/Meetings Agendas and Minutes – Agenda for meeting of 22nd March to consider planning applications and proposals that could not be considered at the Parish Council meeting of 8th March



Village Diary April 20th and Latest News – Public Exhibition of plans for housing development on the land to the rear of the Lindens on North Road.

St Michaels’ Hospice Big Tea Summer 2016 on the Other Useful Stuff page

Also after receiving a lot of mail that hadn’t been forwarded from our web host we have a lot of updates today – and many apologies to everyone for the delays in posting. Our e-mail is now working properly so hopefully this won’t happen again!

Updates as follows:

Local Admin – Policing – Details of a Crime Prevention Forum

Secret Garden Beauty Salon – updates to details in Trades and Services/Beauty

Jess Pailthorpe Craniosacral therapy added to Trades and Services/Health and Medical

Updates to the Millennium Green pages

Mum and Baby Market 24th April in the Village Diary

Ladies Rounders team updates under Local Amenities/Clubs and Organisations

Railway Reminiscences/Kingsland History – a memory of the gatekeeper added

Wigmore and District Gardening Club – 2016 meetings and trips on the Other Useful Stuff page

Health, Social Care and Wellbeing (Local Amenities) – information added on the Lets Talk NHS service for those suffering from symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression



Pleased to report that out e-mail address info@kingslandlife.com is now working. We will reply to the backlog of mail we’ve received over the next few days. Apologies and many thanks for your patience.


Village Talk – we have a picture from Kingsland Sports Day, probably 1948 and we need help to identify the people please.

Latest News – Welsh Water have given a direct number for resident to report sewerage issues.

History News (Kingsland History); Mortimer’s Cross Battlesite Walk details – April 16th

Planning Applications – Determination date added for redetermination of land adjoining Kingsleane planning application. New planning application for an agricultural building at Lawtonbury Farm, Eardisland.


Planning Applications – addition – Land next to Kingsleane planning application which is being being redetermined. Consultation end date 31st March 2016.

Planning Applications – addition – Amended plans and new consultation end date of 31st March for St Mary’s Farm

Trades and Services – new website link for Whitley Printing.

Memories from the Past – some new memories from Gordon Roberts