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(From Parish Plan © Ordnance Survey & Herefordshire Council)
Kingsland Parish :  (From Parish Plan © Ordnance Survey & Herefordshire Council)


The parish noticeboard by the entrance to the Coronation Hall has been removed temporarily so that it can be repaired. The repairs were required after the noticeboard was found to have a damaged door and cracked glass on the one side earlier this year. It appears that a large vehicle may have knocked it when using the entrance to manoeuvre.

The parish noticeboard is expected to be back in place outside the Coronation Hall by the end of September 2018. In the meantime, notices of parish council meetings will still be available to view in the usual way on the noticeboard outside the primary school, and online on the parish council meetings page of Kingsland Life.


Herefordshire Council is to introduce a new speed limit on the A4110 from Lawton Cross for around 650 metres to The Bank. The latest revision of this, which now includes a short section of the C1035 opposite the car auctions, is available to view – A4110 TRO. The parish council supports the revised traffic regulation order.


[UPDATE, 14 MARCH 2018 – On 13 March 2018, the parish council agreed to put the proposed lorry signing and traffic island on hold.  This is to allow for the consideration of a full survey of traffic movements in the north west of the county by Herefordshire Council, which has been requested by Ward Cllr. Bowen (Bircher Ward).  Informed by this comprehensive review, Herefordshire Council is expected to come up with a design to better direct HGVs and other vehicles.  In addition, the parish council has been told by the highways authority that the proposed lorry signing and traffic island should have the support of neighbouring parishes.  A response to the request by the highways authority will also be looked at in the context of the comprehensive traffic movement survey for the north west of the county.]

[UPDATE, 29 NOVEMBER 2017 – On 21 November 2017, the parish council decided to consult local residents and businesses on the proposed lorry signing initiative as set out below, and traffic island by Burnt House.  The consultation will be in the new year and will be held once further information has been obtained from Balfour Beatty, the highways agent for Herefordshire Council.  This information will be made available as part of the consultation process.  The consultation in 2018 will be publicised in the newsletter, on the parish noticeboard by the village hall and on this website.  A decision will be made by Kingsland Parish Council on whether to fund the lorry signing and traffic island once the results of the consultation have been published.  NB. the parish council is already funding a feasibility study into the proposed traffic island as set out below.]

Following concerns raised by local residents at Cobnash about heavy goods vehicles using Hostel Lane, the parish council contacted the county’s highways agency, Balfour Beatty, to ask about ways to encourage such vehicles to use wider roads when passing through the parish.

Drawings from Balfour Beatty, which proposed locations for new lorry signing, and a traffic island by Burnt House on the junction with the B4529, were agreed at the July 2017 meeting of the parish council. A quotation from Balfour Beatty to implement the lorry signing and traffic island at the Burnt House junction was considered at the September 2017 meeting of the parish council, when it was agreed to proceed with an in-depth feasibility study into the provision of the traffic island at the Burnt House junction at a cost of £1,062.56 + VAT.  A decision on the lorry signing quotation was postponed until the outcome of the in-depth feasibility study is known.

The details of the lorry signing initiative are available to download below:

A4110, B4529 & C1035 Lawton Cross & C1037 Hostel Ln, Cobnash Junction Lorry Signing Details

B4529 & B4360 Burnt House Junction Lorry Signing

A4110, B4529 & C1035 Lawton Cross Junction Lorry Signing

A4110 & C1037 Hostel Ln, Cobnash Junction Lorry Signing

As of 21 November 2017, the parish council is awaiting the outcome of the feasibility report into the provision of the traffic island at the Burnt House junction.  The report is not expected until the new year.


The Notice of Referendum for the upcoming referendum on the UK’s membership of the European Union on Thursday 23 June 2016 can be downloaded hereNotice of Referendum

The Notice of Poll and Situation of Polling Stations for the upcoming referendum on the UK’s membership of the European Union on Thursday 23 June 2016 is available to download here – Notice of Poll and Situation of Polling Stations.

Election of the Police and Crime Commissioner for the West Mercia Police Area : Call for Nominations

The Notice of Election for the above can be viewed by clicking here.

Parish Council Election May 7th 2015

The nominations for the Parish Council can be seen by clicking the link here

Our Conservation Area

The Parish Council would like to remind you of the Conservation Area that exists in Kingsland. Conservation areas are defined by The Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Act 1990 as: “areas of special architectural or historic interest, the character or appearance of which it is desirable to preserve or enhance”. The Kingsland Conservation Area is highlighted in the map below and a larger version can be seen by clicking here:

A Conservation Area is an area of special interest, not only due to the buildings but also the interaction of the spaces around them and natural features, such as trees and open spaces.
The principal effects of designation are:

  • You must get consent from Herefordshire Council for the demolition of most buildings in the area;
  • You must notify Herefordshire Council in writing on the official notification form six weeks in advance of all proposed tree works. There are fines for non-compliance with conservation area provisions in relation to trees, and a suitably qualified and insured tree surgeon should carry out the tree work;
  • Special publicity must be given to planning applications for development in the area;
  • When assessing planning applications, Herefordshire Council and the Secretary of State take into account the desirability of preserving or enhancing the character or appearance of the area; and
  • Permitted development rights (the various categories of development that are normally allowed without the need to apply for planning permission) are more restricted within a conservation area. Generally, these extra controls restrict the following –
  • Various types of wall cladding, the insertion of dormer windows, the installation of satellite dishes on walls and roofs facing a highway, the installation of radio masts, antennae or radio equipment housing with a volume over two cubic metres, a reduction in the size of residential and industrial extensions, which may be carried out without the need for planning permission, and the installation of solar panels.

If your building is a listed building the normal controls of listed building consent apply.
Kingsland Parish Council 01.04.15