List of Councillors


Name Contact Number
Mr R. Hewitt 07963 845358


Name Position Contact Number
Cllr. R. C. Smallwood Chairman 01568 708379
Cllr. D. A. Thompson Vice Chairman 01568 709008
Mrs Carol Sawyers Councillor 01568 708171
Mrs G. B. Bengry Councillor 01568 708762
Mr R. Harris Councillor 01568 709310
Mr C. Southgate Councillor 01568 708010
Mrs L. Juson Councillor 01568 708002
Mr D. Fordham Councillor 01568 709289
Mr P. D. Vaughan Councillor 01568 708760
Mr J. Vaughan Councillor 01568 708760
Mr B. J. Watkins Councillor 01568 708868

Special Responsibilities (2017-18)

Position Appointed Person(s)
Airfield Representative Mr P. D. Vaughan
Footpath Representative Mrs L. Juson
Tree Warden Mrs G. B. Bengry
Parish Watch Representative Mrs L. Juson
Lengthsman Coordinator Mr C. Southgate
School Liaison Group Mrs C. Sawyers Mr C. Southgate and Mr R. C. Smallwood

Terms & Conditions

1. Terms of Office
Elections for all the Parishes in Herefordshire are held every four years on the first Thursday in May.
The next election is in May 2019.
A Councillor elected as a Casual Vacancy will serve for the unexpired period of the 4 years of office.

2. Casual vacancies
A Parish Council vacancy may arise for a number of reasons. This could be that a Councillor has resigned or died, that they have failed to attend any meetings for 6 months, or no longer meet the criteria. All resignations must be made in writing to the Chairperson of the Parish Council. Once received that resignation cannot be withdrawn.

When a vacancy occurs the Parish Clerk must notify the Proper Officer in Herefordshire with all the details of which Councillor has caused the vacancy. The Parish Clerk will then be supplied with the necessary forms.

The vacancy must then be advertised in the Parish for a period of 14 working days ; during this time an election can be requested by 10 electors from the Parish signing the “Request for An Election” form.
Once the 14 days have passed and the Proper Officer has received no request for an election by the last date (which is shown on the Notice of Vacancy) the Parish Council will be informed that they can co-opt in writing.

A candidate for a Parish or Town Council is qualified if  when nominated –

(a) he or she is a British subject or Irish citizen,
(b) is 18 years of age or over, and
(c) is either in the list of electors for that Parish or Town
or has during the whole of the preceding twelve months:
(i) occupied land as owner or tenant in it, or
(ii) had a principal place of work there, or
(iii) resided in or within three miles of it.