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APPLICATIONS ADDED  (YELLOW FLAGS ON MAP) 19th June update:   P171817/F Land to the rear of St Mary’s Farm Kingsland Herefordshire , Variation of condition 2 following grant of planning permission (add 2 parking spaces)   P171789/F Kingsland Court, Chapel Lane, Kingsland – 2 new dwellings.  P171502/FH Fairview, Kingsland HR6 9SD – demolition and replacement of outbuilding 

PLANNING DECISIONS (BLUE FLAGS ON MAP) – 19th June Update – P171494/K Holgate Farm, Kingsland: Tree works can proceed.  P170634/L  The Garth, Kingsland: Replacement of windows: Refused    P171007/FH  Maythorne Cottage Kingsland Leominster Herefordshire HR6 9SW, Proposed first floor extension, Approved with conditions


APPEAL WITHDRAWN 9.6.17  P161869/F Land to the Rear of The Lindens, North Road, Kingsland HR6 9RU; Planning permission for 30 dwellings. Planning Inspectorate case link here to make representations and for process dates
P162629/F Land adjoining Crossways, Shirlheath: Planning permission for 6 dwellings. Planning Inspectorate case link here to make representations and for process dates. Appeal dismissed 21.4.17 (click the case link for the decision documents)
P143252/F Land adjoining Kingsleane, Kingsland; Planning permission for 12 dwellings. Planning Inspectorate case link here to make representations and for process dates. Appeal dismissed 11.5.17 (click the case link for the decision documents)


Further down this page is a list of current valid and determined planning applications in Kingsland Parish, directly fed in via an RSS feed from Herefordshire Council’s website plus above that, older but still valid applications it hasn’t picked up. ‘Valid’ means they are open for comment, ‘Determined’ means they have been decided upon. Just click the application number in green to see the full application details on Herefordshire Council’s website. Alternatively click the flags on the map above to go straight to the ‘valid’ planning application for that location. We will try to keep the map up to date but look at the list below for the most current information. Flags will be removed once an applications have been determined. Please let us know if you come across any broken links! Thank you.

The video top right tells you how to use the map, how to use Herefordshire Council’s planning application page and how to make comments on an application (click the bottom right hand corner to make it full screen).

You can have your say about new planning applications when they are discussed in Kingsland Parish Council Meetings. Dates and Agendas for Parish Council meetings can be seen here.

Some planning applications go to Herefordshire Council’s Planning Committee for a decision. If you want to view meeting dates, agendas, minutes and decisions you can find them here.

Some planning applications that have been refused by Herefordshire Council are appealed by the applicant to the Planning Inspectorate. Any current planning appeals are also listed at the top of the page.

To see older applications and more detail on the outcomes of applications click this linkTo see details of old Kingsland area applications (December 2011 and before), use UK Planning via this link.

Please remember that the centre of the village is a Conservation Area and that stricter planning laws apply in this area for any building, development and tree work. Details can be obtained from the Planning Department of Hereford Council and the area can be seen edged in red in this map – Conservation Area.  Also, see here for a list of Kingsland’s Listed Buildings.

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