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Message for Andrew Stephens (or anyone who can pass the message on),  about his Great Grandfather George Stephens

We’ve had a message from Rob Garner about your Kingsland History post in 2013 about The Bell Inn. Unfortunately I do not have your e-mail address. George Stephens is Rob’s wife’s great, great, great grandfather and they are happy to explore connections with you. You can contact them on

Many thanks from the webmaster.

Longford and North Road

Dear Kingsland Resident

You will be aware of the poor and increasingly deteriorating state of Longford and North Road (B4360) through the village. Now that the spate of new building work and the relining of the sewer has come to an end,it is a good time to support our Parish Council and Sebastian Bowen, our local councillor, in the repeated requests to Hereford Council, to have the road resurfaced as a matter of urgency.

I have spoken to Sebastian and he would be very happy for us residents as individuals to write to or email him, see below, stating our concerns about the condition of the road and the safety of its users.

Hopefully Sebastian can use our letters to lobby Hereford Council and convince them of the need to commit the funds to resurface the road in the financial year 2018/19.

Email: or

Or write to: Sebastian Bowen, The Studio Flat, Church House, Ashford Bowdler, Ludlow SY8 4GJ

Yours sincerely

Alison Parker-Morgan

Lighting up for the Air Ambulance – from Vikki Morris

John and Heather Morris light up their house every year to raise money for the Air Ambulance and appreciate every donation that people pop in the box. The lights were turned on by Santa after he had a bit of a drive down North Road from The Corners. A “ bit of a spread” of soups, hot dogs, mince pies and mulled wine was put on and was enjoyed by all. Their house is down by Luctonians

Any relatives or others interested in this event commemorating Ethel Saxon who is also on our War Memorial, please contact Heather directly…

Staff Nurse Ethel Saxon is named on the War Memorial in Kingsland. She was the daughter of Henry and Adelaide Saxon, who retired to Kingsland and lived at The Rosary. I believe you had a family history enquiry from their great grandson some time ago. Ethel is also named in the War Memorial at Frodsham Methodist Church, Kingsley Road, Frodsham, Cheshire WA6 6BA. The names on the Memorial were in poor condition and Ethel’s name was illegible. However, the World War War Commemoration group in Frodsham has traced the records and we now know that correspondence about Ethel’s effects went to Mrs Saxon’s sister, Charlotte Evangeline Thornton, who lived in Frodsham.

The Memorial has been restored and will be re-dedicated on 3 September 2017, the centenary of Ethel’s death, at 10.45 am. If you have any contacts with members of the Saxon family, please could you tell them of this event. They would be very welcome to come – as would anyone from Kingsland who is interested in Ethel’s story.
Thank you,

Heather Powling

A Thank You…..

Thank you, to the very kind person who found my watch on their walk along the river this weekend. Couldn’t believe it when we found it at the gate this morning (Sunday 30.4.17).

Carol Blatchford

Request for temporary garden plant storage space

We are moving to Kingsland on 19th of April and are very keen gardeners. We have a lot of plants to move and are hoping to find somewhere to keep them before we are able to move in.  We would only need it to be for a short term. We are a professional couple in our 50’s. Our contact details are and phone number is 07779062217. Hoping you can help. Thanks, Rhian

Jill Probyn’s poems…

I and my brothers have brought out a book of Jill’s poems. There are about sixty of them, from various periods. Costs are £4 + p&p paperback or £8 + p&p hardback. All profits go to Kingsland village green and/or Kingsland church. I have attached one poem as a sample.

If you would like a copy (or several), please drop me a line with your address. I’ll pass on my bank details.

If you know anyone who might like a copy, please pass me their contact details!

With best wishes,

David Hugh-Jones

A note on progress and top soil available 30.7.16

Some weeks ago we told you we had completed the purchase of the plot of land in St Michael’s Avenue. Border Oak commenced work on site at the beginning of July and completed the foundations and ground floor slab on programme on 21st July. Border Oak will commence work on the superstructure on 1st August and if everything goes to programme we will be moving in during the second week in February 2017. We are hoping to move from Bedfordshire at the beginning of November and will be staying with relatives in Hereford.

The excavations for the foundations have generated some soil which is stockpiled on site. We will retain some of this for our garden landscaping but there will be some surplus . We would rather not send it to landfill, so If there is any one in the Kingsland area who would like to collect it, for making up ground levels or for landscaping, please let me know and we can discuss with Border Oak.

Christina and Richard Harris

E mail –

A family history enquiry – can anyone help? (NB there is another enquiry about Ethel Saxon  further down this page). Please reply directly to Andy if you can help. 19.7.16

My Great Grandfather and Grandmother (Henry and Adelaide Saxon) lived at the Rosery, Kingsland in 1917. This address appears on correspondence at the time of the death of one of their daughters, Ethel, when she was a nurse during WW1.

I was wondering whether The Rosery still exists or whether the Saxons left any impression on Kingsland.

Any help from current residents would be most appreciated.

Andy Williams

A request from Des Fletcher –  he would like to contact his cousin Bob Jenkins who wrote about Bullocks Mill in Railway Reminiscences 

Reading the info on Bullocks Mill from Bob Jenkins who is my cousin, I would like to contact him. I too spent many happy times at the crossing with Bob and his family.

Des Fletcher

A request for some Family History help from Michael Thomas. For more information on Sarah Knill please see Railway Reminiscences under Kingsland History. Please contact Michael directly if you can help!

Gordon Roberts had a step grandmother Sara Knill who was the railway gate keeper at Waterloo Mill, and she was step mother to my aunty, Annie Bernice Knill. Her mother was Annie Matthews who was born 1890/91 in Kingsland and died very soon after having my aunty. Annie Matthews married Willian Knill in 1917 and died in 1920.

I cannot locate Annie Matthews’ mother or father in Kingsland at the present so can anyone help?

William Knill worked at Stagbatch Farm, Monkland before working for the railway and marrying Sara Preece. At some point Speakmans of Stagbatch Farm, Monkland brought up Annie Bernice Knill from very young.

My Aunty married Harold Edward Thomas a postman in Leominster in 1940 but we all called her Nancy

Thank you for any light you can throw on my search

Michael Thomas

A message from soon to be new residents! 

My wife Christina and I have just completed the purchase of a plot of land, plot 1, immediately adjacent to the Border Oak show house which has been built on Land adjacent to Westmead.  It is intended that  Border Oak will commence construction of our new home in June and we hope to move in in December this year.  We live in Bedfordshire at present, however, Christina was born in Wellington, Herefordshire and has family in and around Hereford.

We have already met a number of Kingsland residents and look forward to meeting more of you during the construction period and to becoming members of your community.

Christina and Richard Harris

Rubbish Tales

Comment from a resident on rubbish dumping – anyone else got pictures, comments or rubbish tales? Just send them in to

After my husband and I spent 6 hours doing a litter pick up Lugg Green Road and then in a big circle.  I went for a walk on the same route four days later to find that a builder had dumped a load of rubbish by a farmers gate.  I was so annoyed I rifled through it a bit and found a debit card receipt.  I have since reported it to Herefordshire Council and told them I have the receipt, but as yet they haven’t been back to me.

Pam Cooper

Who was at Kingsland Sports day in 1948? – Can You Help?!

Memories of the past GR Kingsland Sports Day 1945We have a great picture from Gordon Roberts showing Kingsland Sports day but it would be even better if we could identify all the people!! Can anyone identify anyone? If so please let us know by calling or mailing us via the Contact Us page. Many thanks!

Letter from resident looking for people interested in starting a craft club! 9.11.15

I’ve just moved to Kingsland and wanted to know if there are any craft clubs or meetings in the area  and if not are there many crafty people who would enjoy a monthly get together to do some craft activities? Sharing crafts, learning new ones or cracking on with some of those projects that have been squirreled away. I would love to meet some local and like minded people! Please email me if you would be interested.

I love to sew, knit and crochet but I also like woodwork, metal work and all sorts of handy crafts, I always want to try new things so please get in touch!



A thank you to the purchaser of the Post Office received 17.09.15

Just wanted to thank the ‘White Knight’ who has saved the Post Office! Those of us who voted to save it, and probably lots of those who didn’t, are very grateful to this anonymous person.

Martin Trowell, Kingsland

Raising money for St Michael’s Hospice.

We’ve had an e-mail from Lydia Dyer and if you’d like to support her efforts her Just Giving page is here. We’ll load her picture asap.

‘I’m running the Cardiff half Marathon in October for St Michaels Hospice. Villagers will see me out and about in all weathers running around the village; down North Road, Up by the Bridge, Bicton, Ledicott. The picture attached was my first milestone in May, I completed 5km.  I’ve since named myself the “Pink plodder”.’

Many thanks,

North Road,

Thanks from Ros and Pete Atkinson

We would like to thank our dear family and friends for all their good wishes on our recent 50th Wedding Anniversary.  We have very fond memories of our wedding at St  Michael’s and all our lovely holidays we have spent over the years in Kingsland and Leominster.  Thank you again, Ros and Pete.

Family History Enquiry

Success! A thank you from Alison below

Alison would like to say thank you to the kind people of Kingsland who replied to the post below, through whom  she has found out lots of information about her great great grandfather, the blacksmiths and even better, discovered a relative in Kingsland who she has now been to visit! Thanks everyone!

If you can help Alison with information please contact her direct. Thanks. Webmaster

Hello, I’m just looking at your lovely website and see you mention in your Old Trades section a smithy at Cobnash – my great-great-grandfather had a blacksmiths at Cobnash (he was listed as Master Blacksmith) and at Lawton Field from late 1800s to at least 1911 (as that’s the last census I have) and I wondered if you had any info on this or where it would be
on a map? His name was George Davies.

Kind regards,
Alison Grifffiths

Charity Bike Ride

Simon Powney of Croft Lane Bicton and his cousin Chris Moore are in training before they cycle over 900 miles from Lands End to John O Groats in May. They are taking on the challenge in memory of their cousin Ed Moore who died aged 34 from Bowel Cancer in December 2013.

Simon & Chris hope to raise £2,000.00 for the Bobby Moore foundation which funds vital research into the causes and treatment of bowel cancer.

If you would like to sponsor Simon and Chris, then please call into Markhams garage in Kingsland and see Simon or visit the Just Giving page:

All money raised will go directly to the charity. Simon & Chris are funding the ride themselves.

Many thanks, Simon

3.2.15 – can anyone help Bill with his enquiry? Please contact him direct if you have any information. Thank you. Webmaster

I am researching the names on a memorial in Liverpool Cathedral to 20 nurses who died during WW1. One of these is Staff Nurse Ethel Saxon, who died aged 26 years on 3rd September 1917 and her grave is in Karachi Cemetery. I have established that at the time of her death her parents, Henry and Adelaide Saxon, lived in “The Rosery”, Kingsland, Herefordshire, having previously lived in Abertillery and Abersychan. In addition to Ethel, they had at least one other child, Lucy, born in about 1896. I would be grateful for any information which you can provide about the family. I should add that the research is for a non-profit project on behalf of the High Sheriff here in Liverpool.

Many thanks, Bill Sergeant (Retired Merseyside Police Officer).  Telephone:   0151 724 3171

5.8.14 – A Family History enquiry – can anyone help Charlie trace his ancestors? Please contact him direct by mail if you can! Thanks. Webmaster

Hello.  I am mailing you more in hope than anything.  Part of my fathers family, Frederick Faulkner, his wife Sarah and seven children (circa 1912), moved to Skelmersdale, Lancashire just before WWI. The rest of the Faulkners stayed in Kingsland.  They were blacksmith/farriers by trade and the majority of the family line stayed put. They were a large family who lived and worked in Kingsland for generations. We are now trying to see if any relatives live in the area?  Me and my brother are planning a visit to see where dad’s mother’s family originated. The Faulkners of Kingsland? I hope that you can shed some light on this for me?

Many thanks

Charlie Armstrong


A set of 3 keys have been found by a dog walker from Kingsland up near Eyton Common. If you know anyone who has lost some please contact the website. Many thanks.

Memories from Peter Bond in Australia who visited Kingsland in 1978. He sold his car to pay for his flight home and we were pleased to tell him the Car Auctions are still going strong! Webmaster

Dear KingslandLife

As a young aussie tourist, I had a pleasant stay at a farm b&b in about May 1978.
I also sold my Austin A40 at a motor auction house nearby (for 18 quid!!!).
A lovely part of the world.
I wonder if the auction house is still there?

Peter Bond, Australia

Don and Marion Griffiths, who recently moved to Tamarisk, North Road from Aymestrey/Yatton held a Soup and Sandwich Lunch for friends and neighbours old and new in early March.  Thank you to all who attended.  £180 was raised for St Michael’s Hospice.

Welcome to some new residents!


Myself and my family will shortly be moving to Kingsland, renting Croftmead, on North Road. I hope to get to know you all soon. My youngest daughter Chenas (10 years old) will be starting at Kingsland primary in March so hope to meet some of the other school mums soon.

Kind Regards

Lori and Robert Ayers

We have another Family History enquiry. Can anyone help? Please reply direct to Chris if you can. Many thanks. Webmaster

Dear KingslandLife

Village Talk Jackson tomb 27.2.14I am writing a book about a man called William Thomas Vincent, who was a very prominent gentleman in my area of south east London. His mother was Rebecca Jackson, born about 1810 in Kingsland who married Thomas Vincent.  Rebecca Jackson’s parents were William and Priscilla and the picture is of their grave in Kingsland. I wonder if it is still there ?

The only details I can find out about Rebecca Jackson online is that she is said to have come from a very well to do Kingsland family,  and that she had an older brother called William Parry Jackson.

In a very brief autobiography of William Thomas Vincent that I found he describes his mother’s family  as follows….

“The Jacksons were an old Herefordshire family who came across the Welsh border in Tudor times.
my grandfather William Jackson succeeded to a long and prosperous inheritance of husbandry in the parish of Kingsland.
He was reckoned a very able man in those parts and was rather proud of being acclaimed the village lawyer, in which capacity he arbitrated in many disputes.
He had a numerous family which he reared with credit.
In his old age, the patriarchal Jackson abandoned the dwindling industry of the field and retired to Leominster.
But he rests in Kingsland graveyard under a stately tomb that betokens a man of substance ..”

Any information would be much appreciated….


Chris Mansfield

Dear Kingslandlife,

On your website you show a poem about Kingsland of old, written by Mr.T.Roberts.   He was my Great Uncle.   I have a neatly typed copy of the poem. although I don’t know if it was the original and I don’t know the date when it was typed but it is obviously quite old.   I found this in a case of papers belonging to my late Uncle Aaron.


Gordon Roberts


Can anyone help Jan? If you can, please reply direct to the e-mail address provided below. Thanks

I am tracing my family history in Herefordshire and wish to enquire if you have any records (or knowledge) of a crossing on the line between Kingland and Leominster where a family member – James Andrews – lived at the time of the 1891 census.  The copy of the census is of poor quality and his occupation is unclear but his wife Mary is described as a railway gate keeper.  In a later census he is described as a railway pensioner.  The address is shown as Railway House Kingsland.

All I know at present is that James Andrews was a railway pensioner and had retired by the 1911 census (he died in 1913 age late 70s). His wife at the time – I believe he had been married before – was Mary, possibly nee Preece.  In the 1891 census his birthplace is shown as Orcop; he was 55, Mary 65 and there was an 8 year old granddaughter Mary Elizabeth, born Kingsland, living with them. There was a marriage between a James Andrews and a Mary Preece registered in Leominster in 1877. The father of James was William Andrews and the family lived in Much Birch early 1800s.

I would be very grateful for any help or advice anyone can give. Thank you.

Jan Stadler
e-mail (click address to e-mail direct):


Although our beloved brass band couldn’t join us because of flu about thirty people, aged two to eighty, met to eat mince pies, drink mulled wine and sing carols around hot braziers and by lantern light on December 6th. Directed by Bryan and led by members of the choir we sang for about an hour on a clear still night. A collection amounting to £70.40 was taken for SMAAAK and the Church roof repairs.

Thank you to everyone who brought mince pies and mulled wine and all who joined in, and the two young assistants who went round with the bucket!  J.M.


Thank you to everyone who helped make our soup lunch in aid of the Philippines such a success. To all who made soup, donated bread, cakes and raffle prizes. All those wonderful ‘kitchen and restaurant staff’, raffle ticket sellers and Linda on the door. And to all who came and enjoyed their lunch or sent donations because they couldn’t come. In all we raised £870.00; a wonderful sum that has been dispatched to the Philippines via their Embassy. J.M.

Dear All,  thanks to everyone who has helped Gary in Melbourne, Australia with his researches into the Red Lion, Kingsland. He is really appreciative.

Dear Kingsland Life

My Great Great Grandfather (Thomas Crump) emigrated to Australia with his family in 1850. His father (John and, after his death in 1855, wife Elizabeth) were publicans of the Lion (aka Red Lion) Inn, Kingsland for many years.  I have traced this inn in Kingsland from 1835 when the publican was John Crump, through various innkeepers (Elizabeth Crump 1856, John Bray 1868, William Reece 1876, James Reece 1890 and Elizabeth Evans 1913)  but can find no information about what happened to it.  Hopefully one of your readers may be able to shed some light on it for me. I can be contacted by email at or by ordinary mail at Gary Ladiges, 62 Lincoln Rd, Croydon, Vic, 3136, Australia.

For those of your readers who may be interested in Thomas Crump’s story he was born in Kingsland about 1819 to John Crump (of Brampton Bryan) and Elizabeth (nee Wollaston), the daughter of an innkeeper from Leintwardine. His story can be read here but  the 1841 census shows Thomas and his brother John living with the local blacksmith Thomas Caldicourt and his wife Sarah.  Also as part of the household were Thomas Caldicourt’s widowed daughter Sarah Harper and her daughter Eliza. On 23 Jan 1842 Thomas married Sarah Harper (13 years his senior) and they set about raising their family.

On the 21 May 1850 Thomas and Sarah and their 4 surviving children (Edwin (my Great Grandfather), Angelina, Isaac and Amelia) and step daughter Eliza Crump (Harper) set sail for Port Phillip (Melbourne) aboard the Bernicia.

Whilst Thomas’s story ended in Australia it started in the Red Lion in Kingsland.  Any information about the Red Lion or anything else in the attached article your readers may have would be much appreciated.

Warmest regards from Aus

Gary Ladiges


A reminder about Carols on the Green which will take place at 6.30p.m on Friday 6th December. Everyone is welcome and the collection will go to SMAAAK to help with the Church repairs.

Carols on the Green never last long, so don’t be late! Just about 40 minutes of singing by candle light and keeping warm with mince pies and mulled wine!

Prize Draw: Our most recent winners (October) were David Lloyd and Jo & Louis Geerlings.
The money raised from this on going scheme goes a long way to paying for the maintenance of the Green. If you would like to take part please contact Jim Davies (Hon Treasurer) on 01567 709579 or Jackie Markham on 01568 708281

Dear Kingslandlife,

I was appalled when I went into Leominster this week and found that the toilets in the Central Car Parking area are now shut – seems to be permanent. even the handicapped toilet is now closed !  Hate to say it but will now be unable to support local shops but will shop on-line as will then not be caught short !!  What future under Hereford Council ?

By the way – nowhere did I see the “Use our loo” sign and why should shops provide this public service in addition to their other taxes ? What will happen when the fair is in town ?

(name & address withheld)

Webmaster: These old “Leominster News” items, contributed by a “Kingslandonian” (who has now moved away) will be put first on the web here under “Village Talk” for a week or two; they will then be moved to Village History (Leominster is close enough to be considered part of the Village !!)

1945: Some of the advertisers of businesses in Leominster were, W.W.Phillips, Consulting Optician, W.S.Hillman Hairdressers, Charles Norgrove for building and timber, and Cross and Bevington, Insurance Brokers.

The Kingsland Young Farmers Club had a dance in favour of their own funds. Music was provided by Mr. Reg Russel’s radiogram. A bottle of wine kindly donated by Mrs Price of Stretford was won by Mr Morgan and a cake from Mrs Evans of Westfield went to Mr Patrick.

At the monthly meeting of the W I a demonstration of wartime sweets and puddings was given by Mrs Woodman. The meeting opened with the singing of Jerusalem.

The General Committee of the Welcome Home Fund which amounted to £521. 1s 7d was held with Colonel Mellor presiding. It was agreed, now that the war was coming to an end, that a list would be drawn up of those in the parish, currently in the Armed Forces with a view to closing the Fund and distributing the proceeds accordingly. Also an auction and sale at a fete to be held at the Rectory would take place on June 30th.

23rd October 2013: Hereford Police report via Twitter:

6,400 tins of baked beans stolen from lorry in Worcs. No leads yet but detectives say they might hear something soon

Webmaster October 2013We wish to make this page/the web more useful & interesting for local Kingsland readers. Everyone is asked to please use the Contact Us page to bring our attention to any interesting goings-on in the village which would be of interest. We will not use individual names unless an integral part of the story !

Also, we have been asked why our “Clubs & Organisations” pages do not always include the latest news. We can only put on these pages the information provided to us. Please get your secretaries/Publicity people or whoever to e-mail us with your news, information, programmes, programme updates etc. stressing to them that this service is FREE and can help encourage new members !

Kingsland Church hosts Cathedral School Choir Concert – and receives a fundraising challenge for 2014!

village talk church scaffolding
The church scaffolding © Dave Davies

On Friday 13th September in Kingsland Church, twenty young singers and musicians of Hereford Cathedral School Senior Chamber Choir generously gave a concert as part of the Hereford Festival of Churches Weekend. The church, already adorned with flower arrangements for the Festival of Churches weekend, was in addition festooned with autumnal trees and foliage donated by Broomy Hill Nurseries for the occasion.

The Chamber Choir, standing in front of the scaffolding which is currently supporting the windows above the chancel arch, sang a variety of short choral works by Purcell, Brahms, Faure and Stanford, with passion and musicality. Some students also performed solos: the first movement of a Haydn cello concerto played by Augusta Lazenby, and the Adagio from the Mozart Clarinet Concerto, performed by Jacob Wooderson, and a Monteverdi duet was beautifully sung by Serena Linley-Adams and Jessica Price. They were accompanied by Rhiannon Davies on piano and Amalie Fisher on the organ.

The choir was conducted by David Evans, Director of Music at the Cathedral School, who congratulated all the students on their hard work – this was their third concert of the term – and especially those who had recently gained diplomas. He also issued a challenge to the audience, offering to bring a 200-strong choir to sing the Vivaldi Gloria in Kingsland next year, if everyone in the audience agreed to sell 10 tickets each. “This is such a wonderful church,” he said, indicating the scaffolding above the choir, “you’ve got to get this sorted out – and we’d love to help in any way we can. We’d love to bring the Vivaldi here – if you can sell the tickets!”

The Parish Church of St Michael and All Angels, Kingsland now needs to raise an additional £45,000 to save two of its windows, on top of the original £300,000 for the roof. For more information, please contact Dave Davies, Churchwarden. To help support the fundraising campaign, please visit, and or email

My dad was stationed at Shobdon Camp after the Second World War. Please do you have any information about the site and whether it was a military hospital.
Any help would be appreciated. Andy.

13th September 2013: Can anyone help Andy please? Any info. please send to me and I will forward it. Thanks. 

Webmaster: Thanks to all who helped Andy.

My brother took going to jail really badly. He has refused all offers of food and drink, even became violent. We haven’t played Monopoly since.

Sign up outside local guesthouse:  “Bed & Breakfast with local honey” !!!

village talk SIDAm I the only one to be asking where have our SID’s gone or have we given up on reducing vehicle speeds through the village ?

 Bill (by re-mail) 10th August 2013


Webmaster 4th June 2013: Received this interesting e-mail this am: if anyone can help Andrew, please e-mail me and I will forward it. Many thanks. Webmaster.

“Comments: I’ve only just found your website I’m amazed at all the local historical information that I’ve been missing out on.
The Bell Inn was run by my ancestors many moons ago. George Stephens and his wife Selina ran it, initially followed by Selina when George died and finally the youngest daughter, also Selina.
The extent and breadth of my family involvement in Kingsland is only now becoming apparent to me. My great, great grandfather, Arnold Stephens started the Kingsland Football and Rifle Club along with Mr Sankey of the Corners Inn and another gentleman, who’s name escapes me at the moment. He also had a “bark yard” next to the railway station on the site of the sawmill.
Can you put me in touch with your source for Lewis Coach builders ?
My Great Grandfather, Joseph Lawson Reginald Stephens, was a carpenter/coach builder and 1 of his younger brothers was a wheelwright so they may in all probability worked for them around the 1900’s
All the very best, Andrew Stephens”

My car tyres keep losing pressure. Is it that they are losing pressure via the rims ? Or via the Alloy wheels ? But why do they only go flat at the bottom?

The Kingslandlife Committee are looking for someone to join the team and act as a “Village Journalist” to keep this page updated with any latest news, rumours, gossip etc.. It is good fun. Please contact one of the committee via “Contact Us” if you are interested and we will be in touch.

The  Web Committee wishes to thank everyone for their contributions which have helped to make the website a great success.

In particular, we wish to thank all the sponsors who have contributed financially to cover costs.

Remember that the web is only as good as its information. And this comes from you letting us know (via the Contact Us page) of what is going on and any changes to your programmes etc. so that everyone can be informed.

Again, thanks to everyone.

Old Village Jokes:

What is black and white and red all over ?  Answer – A Newspaper !!

A soldier and sailor got into a car; who was able to drive it off ? Answer: The soldier because he had the khaki !!

Overheard in the local pub:

Arriving at a hotel in Dublin, Ryanair’s Michael O’Leary went to the bar and asked for a pint of Guinness. The barman nodded and said “That will be one Euro please, Mr. O’Leary”. Somewhat surprised, Mr O’Leary replied “That’s a very competitive price” and handed over his money.

“Will you be wanting a glass with your Guinness, Sir ?” enquired the barman.