Added new Local Connection Committee section to Parish Council Meetings page, and added agenda for local connection committee meeting on 24 May 2017.


Neighbourhood Plan News and Public Consultations and Documents pages updated. Independent Examiners report published with a recommendation subject to proposed modifications that the Neighbourhood Plan can proceed to a referendum.

Home page updated with the above

Village Diary – Parish Council AGM and Committee 30th May added.


Planning Applications – 1 refusal and 2 approvals; 4 new applications. Apologies we can’t update the map at the moment but hope to resolve the issue asap.

SMAAAK – Whalebone 3rd June and Pop Up Opera 15th July – Village Diary entries updated

News – The Lindens Appeal – how to make representations; SMAAAK News and Events

Church events in Village Diary – 21st May, 2nd July

Fete by School and Church – 10th June in Village Diary

Added Annual Parish Meeting agenda to parish council meetings page.


Planning Applications updated – 2 new applications for tree works and the planning appeal to build 12 homes on land next to Kingsleane has been dismissed.


Kingsland News online via the link on the Home Page

History News –¬†Herefordshire Local History Societies May-Sept newsletter and events added

Village Talk – a thank you added

Neighbourhood Plan News page updated

Neighbourhood Plan Public Consultations and Documents page updated – responses from the Parish Council and Herefordshire Council to the Examiner’s questions of clarification added.

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