This page is for free listings for parishioners of things they have for sale, rent, or are happy to give away, or that they are looking for. For entries please fill in the Contact Us form or use the e-mail address on the Contact Us page.

28.2.22  Oak Tree Wood for Sale

Oak Tree for sale in sections at Mortimers Cross Mill on 01568 708820
Felled and cut up June 2021 looking for £250 the lot. Looks like 4 to 6 tons of 400 year old oak


Does anyone have a working tape recorder/dictaphone that takes mini cassettes?

We have a recording on a mini cassette that we would like to transcribe of Harold Gough, the wheelright who lived in Kingsland many years ago. If you have a working dictaphone or recorder that works we’d appreciate it if we can borrow it! Please call Jackie Markham on 708281.  Thanks!