This page is for free listings for parishioners of things they have for sale, are happy to give away, or that they are looking for. For entries please fill in the Contact Us form or use the e-mail address on the Contact Us page.

Does anyone have a working tape recorder/dictaphone that takes mini cassettes?

We have a recording on a mini cassette that we would like to transcribe of Harold Gough, the wheelright who lived in Kingsland many years ago. If you have a working dictaphone or recorder that works we’d appreciate it if we can borrow it! Please call Jackie Markham on 708281.  Thanks!

Looking to buy a house…..

I am moving to Herefordshire; I grew up near Builth Wells on a farm but have lived in London for the last ten years. I am keen to buy a black and white cottage with two or three bedrooms – two bedrooms would be great if there is a third reception room which I can use for a study. I am a solicitor who will be working from home three days a week and therefore my only real stipulation is that it is on a quiet road. I don’t mind if it needs some work. Kingsland seems to be a thriving and friendly village, and I know that I would be happy living there. Thank you for reading this.

Blanche Richards



Please see Village Talk here for top soil available


We are looking for a 4 bed home, that will take dogs (terrier, well behaved) and allow me to work from home, rural/isolated/quiet location a must due to children’s fear of lorries/fast traffic. I am a self employed bespoke maker of high end leather goods, husband is a farmer, we have two lovely little girls aged 1 and 2. Anything considered as long as not damp, don’t mind redecorating etc . Many thanks

Please contact Hayley Hanson direct on
or Telephone: 07867551409