And yet more uproar over School Buses!!

Herefordshire Council is currently consulting on changing the basis for charges for the school bus to Wigmore school. Rather than the bus being free for those in a school catchment area as it is now, the Council are proposing it changes to only being free for buses to a child’s ‘nearest school’. In the case of Kingsland the ‘nearest school’ is Earl Mortimer in Leominster (even though it is not the catchment school). So, if the plans go through, parents in Kingsland will have to pay for each of their children using the bus or take to their cars to get their children to Wigmore, or even change secondary school to avoid charges. Herefordshire currently charges £660 per year per child to those who pay.

You can have your say by responding to the consultation which is open to all members of the public and closes on Oct 18th. This is the web link with details of the Council’s plans and how to respond online or in writing:-