Bears and Easter Eggs hunt in the village

We’ve had two suggestions for things to liven up walks with children that are being done elsewhere in the country. Please feel free to participate, especially if you have a house facing the road from Shrublands to Luctonians, up Lugg Green Road, from the Corners crossroad to The Arbour.  Please suggest the activities to other children and people you know.  PS – adults are allowed to put their bears and draw eggs to put in their windows/garden too. You don’t have to have kids to participate!

Bears in Windows – just put a bear in your window for children to spot and if you’re out walking with children get them to look for them.

Easter Egg Hunt  – as there is no Easter Rabbit on the green this year here’s another idea – get your children/grandchildren to create a picture of an Easter egg and pin in your window, on your door or on trees in your garden (if you want to make more then one ask friends to put them up in their garden). When out for a walk you can then hunt the Easter Eggs.