British Legion – Announcement

My last input to the Newsletter was submitted on 15 March and was promptly overtaken by events. Beginning on 16 March we received a flow of directions from London HQ and County, followed by nationwide information from 10 Downing Street and Hereford Council. In summary the situation is:-

  1. All RBL meetings (National, County and Branch) are suspended until further notice
  2. All visits should cease unless absolutely essential. This includes the presence of our Standard Bearer at any event
  3. Follow the National guidelines for personnel care, and exercise daily if possible.

Our thanks to private individuals and to the village businesses which have provided both help and first class services, in particular the Post Office, the Corners’ Inn and, needless to say, our Medical Centre.

Under NHS rules, I am in Lockdown until mid-June. If and when restrictions are lifted we will begin meetings again. Until then stay well

Gordon Browne        Chairman