Church Clock Repair – Donations Appeal

On the 1st August our Crowdfunder site for donations to help us repair our 1877 Church clock goes Live and you can donate here:

The site is only open for EIGHT WEEKS which is the maximum permitted by Crowdfunder, so please don’t delay and help us get our clock and chimes back working!

Don’t forget this is a win win situation as if you are a UK taxpayer, donating to a charity can bring tax relief to the giver and allows us to claim Gift Aid.

We need to raise £11,000 and a very generous donor has promised to match £ for £ what we raise up to £3,500. We receive no money from the Church of England for the upkeep of our church, and rely entirely upon the village to assist us – so please help!

A little history and what we hope to do….….

The Church clock, that has served the village of Kingsland for 141 years, has now expired through old age! It was originally installed as a memorial to Thomas Gethin in 1877, and bears the initials of the two Churchwardens of the time, Gethin and Benjamin Lawrence Sanders. The church tower it sits in dates from the 12th Century, and is part of a unique medieval Church in that the building has never been altered or added to since construction finished.

After years of carefully nursing our beautiful clock mechanism it is now beyond repair and needs to be replaced. At the same time we can convert the clock to electrical power such that it no longer requires a weekly wind up.

We are on YouTube- search on Kingsland Parish Church.

Thank you!

Peter King – Church Warden