Coronation Hall Fundraising Appeal for Tennis Court Resurfacing

Dear Parishioners,

Fundraising project to resurface Kingsland Coronation Hall tennis courts

We are writing on behalf of Kingsland Coronation Hall committee to ask for your support for a project we are undertaking early next year. We are looking to resurface the double tennis courts with a multi-purpose surface. The current surface is not fit for use at the moment as there is a lot of loose stone that makes the whole area slippy and unsafe.  The refurbished courts would be lined for tennis and netball but would also incorporate basketball hoops either side of the court.

The Coronation Hall was built in 1953 for the purpose of housing as many local groups and events as possible. It is home to the local  Pre-school who use it every day between the hours of 8.30am and 3.30pm and also Kingsland C of E school who also use it daily, whether it be for clubs after school, the playing fields for sports activities or the courts for tennis and wet play. The tennis courts were added to the hall grounds in the 1970’s to accommodate the need for a sporting facility in the village. They have been resurfaced once but other than that are original. They are free to use and are all inclusive.

The total project costs are £30,900 (inc VAT) plus a contingency fund of £4,100.00 for maintenance over the next 5 years

We have been lucky to secure 106 money totaling £15,000 to go towards the project, and we have also been granted £10,000 through the Awards for all.

Therefore we are looking to raise the final £10,000 through local donations and wondered if you would consider donating to achieve this goal. This is a project that will benefit the whole community for many years and I am sure will get a lot of positive publicity in the months ahead.

If you feel you could support us in any way please send cheques to Mr David Sowerbutts (Treasurer of Kingsland Coronation Hall), Bell House, Kingsland, HR6 9RU or for any further information ring Lisa on 07970952088.

Thank you in anticipation

Kingsland Coronation Hall Committee