Herefordshire Council Bus and Community Transport Public Consultation

bus pictureHerefordshire Council are running a public consultation on bus services and community transport so if you value them (whether you use them or not), this is an opportunity to have your say. You can find the consultation here.

This is what they say on why they need your help…

“The council’s medium term financial strategy, approved by council in February 2016, includes proposals of £890,000 for passenger transport savings for the period 2016 to 2020.

Following public consultation in spring 2014, the council has saved £1 million on passenger transport provision through a combination of effective planning, integration of services, close working with operators and reductions in subsidy. We are now looking to update that consultation by seeking views from the public, bus users, parish and town councils, transport stakeholder groups and transport providers.

Councillor Paul Rone, cabinet member transport and roads said “We would like to seek the views of users and communities prior to making any further decisions. It is likely that further savings will only be achieved by withdrawing subsidies from services, which may lead to services being withdrawn. We hope that this consultation will allow us to ascertain opportunities for parish and town councils to identify what support they can provide for local transport.”