Kingsland Castle Scheduled Monument – protected area expanded

A press release from Hamish Scott who enabled this to happen:

“In a recent decision the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport has agreed to extend the area to the south of Kingsland Castle motte that is protected as a scheduled monument. The protected site will now include the substantial ditch that runs southwest from the footpath gate leading to the Pinsley Brook along with what is thought be a medieval fish-pond.

The newly-scheduled earthwork is a very puzzling feature, which may account for why it was ignored in the original listing. It appears to be the remnant of a very large enclosure that may also have featured a stone wall, traces of which were found during an archaeological survey in 1988. The intriguing possibility is that this was the original site of Kingsland village in the 12th century, close by the castle yet outside its bounds. Or it may be older still, for early chronicles state that Merewald, king of the Magonsaete, had a palace at Kingsland and fishponds were must-have amenities for grand Saxon halls….

Whatever the remains may represent they are pieces in the jigsaw of Kingsland’s long history; pieces that have yet to be slotted in their proper place. Where we are unusually fortunate is that these layers of archaeology are preserved on grassland that is now safe from ploughing or development. They raise questions that cannot yet be answered but will continue to rouse curiosity so that one day, perhaps the true facts will be found.

Hamish Scott”

For official EH designation, report and a larger map please go to the Kingsland History page here

Kingsland castle map Aug 2016 

A big thank you is due to Hamish Scott for making this happen