Kingsland Grand Potato Growing Competition 2016 – the results! – SMAAAK

Potato Growing Comp 2016 pictureOur huge thanks to all who participated in this fun event. In all we had 32 entries – although admittedly some fell by the wayside during the course of the competition.

On the day, despite a torrential deluge which nearly scuppered the event, 16 entries made their way into the Angel car park to be expertly sorted, examined and weighed by our esteemed judges Frank Morgan, Tavey Cameron Swan and Richard Mathias.

Our grateful thanks to our sponsors Hintons Country & Garden and Peter Vaughan as well as to Sarah and Tavey at The Angel and our generous anonymous prize- money donor. Together we raised £167.50 for the Church.

The results are as follows

1st       Fred and Tom Mathias        a magnificent 6lb 2oz!

2nd       Candy Mathias                    5lb

3rd       Stephen Sawyers                 4lb 10oz

4th       Mavis                                     4lb 5oz

5th       Jim Davies                            3lb 4oz

6th       Sarah Wilkins                      3lb 3oz

7th       Hilary Parsons                     2lb 10oz

8th       Lin Pedrick                           2lb 7oz

9th       Helen Watkins B                 2lb 6oz

10th     Jos Watkins                          2lb 3oz

11th     Ian Pedrick                            2lb

12th (joint)  Steph Scott and Sue    1lb 12oz

14th     Jackie Markham                 1lb 3oz

15th     Helen Watkins A                 1lb 1oz

Weighing in with a magnificently minuscule 11oz, Dee Wurm was the worthy winner of the Dud Spud prize.

potato pic1
Fred and Tom Mathias with their dad, Richard Mathias and Jim Davies
potato pic 2
Mr Frank Morgan with the worthy winners
potato 3
Mr Frank Morgan doing the weigh in