Hoping that everyone is keeping well and coping with ‘lockdown’ yet again.

This third lockdown obviously means that KMGT are not going to be able to run any major fundraising event or project for some time. The expenses, maintenance and running costs are of course ongoing!

There are two ways in which everyone can help however. One is to join up to the Quarterly Draw if you have not already done so and to encourage others who enjoy the benefits of the Green to do the same. The other is to buy a ticket for this year’s Grand National Sweep Stake. (We do not know if the Easter Rabbit will be able to make its appearance yet but believe that the Grand National will take place)

For both please contact either Jackie (708281) or Helen (07790273624)

It is clear the Green has been greatly appreciated during the past few months and we are proud to have been able to keep it in good order with both professional and voluntary help. Please feel free to make use of the fresh air and exercise options, whilst ensuring that you stay safe and well.

It is a community project supported by the individuals in the community and as such a very valuable asset. It should be noted that the maintenance of the Green is totally funded by voluntary contributions received from within the Community. No funding is received from either the Parish Council or Herefordshire Council in respect of ongoing maintenance. The Trustees are extremely grateful for the continued support for the Green from the residents of Kingsland and the surrounding area.

With the ongoing Covid restrictions unlikely to be lifted to any meaningful extent in the near future, it has been decided that the usual February open meeting of the KMGT trustees and anyone else interested in attending, will not be held. The situation will be reviewed at the end of March with the possibility of holding an AGM as usual in May – inevitably depending on the Covid situation at that time.

Thank you for your continued support

11th Jan 2021

Andrew Parsons – 708592