Kingsland Oral History project – a new page of recordings of residents recalling their memories of living in Kingsland parish from before WW2 onwards

Over the past few months we have been collecting the memories of older residents of living and working in Kingsland parish from before WW2 through the 20th century. Hear them talk about what the village and area was like and lots of memories of the village, it’s stores and pubs, the school, the church and chapels, wartime, farming, hop picking, the beginning of Luctonians,  and much more.

Everything collected is on a new website page which you can find under ‘History’ by clicking here

All the recordings are stored on a YouTube channel called ‘The Kingsland Oral History project’ which you can go to directly by clicking here. You can subscribe to the channel and you’ll then get an alert when new recordings are added.  A copy of the the recordings will also go to the Hereford Archives and Record Centre.

For each participant you will find a recorded interview and a time coded summary of what they talk about which researchers (or you!) can use to listen to particular parts of an interview. We have also added photos and documents kindly lent to us by each person.

Many thanks to those who’ve participated so far and over the next few months we will be adding new recordings. Meanwhile we hope you find what we have collected so far enjoyable and interesting!

If you would like to share your early memories of living in the parish please contact Jackie Markham (01568 708281)  or Sally Deakin (01568 708839) who’d love to come and talk to you!  We’d also like to hear from you if  you’d like to be involved in the project by talking to residents and/or helping write up time