Kingsland Progressive Supper 16th May – News and Information


SATURDAY, 16 MAY, 2020

The Kingsland Millennium Green Trust are hosting a Progressive Supper in the Village on Saturday, 16 May, 2020.  In previous years these events have been a roaring success with many of the new comers to the village participating.  It is a lovely opportunity to take an evening stroll around the village and have a starter, mains or dessert course at three difference private houses where you will be made very welcome. At each venue you will be offered a drink and can make a contribution towards a further drink if you so wish. It is a really fun evening with the village bustling with people off to meet new friends and catch up with those they already know.

We congregate at the Village Hall at 6.30 where you will have a complimentary glass of Pimm’s and be able to buy a draw ticket if you should so wish.  Here you will pick your three venues from a hat and obtain details of where your hosts live.  There will be a map of the village, detailing all the houses hosting the courses, on display so you will know where to go! You leave the Hall just after 7 (in your “starters” group) for your first course, walking to your venue which takes place between 7.15 – 8.00pm. You then travel on foot and from 8.00 – 9.30pm will be served your “mains” course at your allotted venue. Finally, you set off again and from 9.30 – 10.30pm you will have your “dessert” course at your final host’s home.

We already have people who have offered to provide various courses; however, we could do with further volunteers.   If you are willing to host a course for six other guests, we would love to hear from you.  If you, and one other (be it your other half or a friend) provide one of the courses you will get your tickets at a reduced price to enable you to cover your catering costs.  In total, you will be providing a course for 8 people on the night, including yourself and your co-host. We would love to hear from you as soon as possible if you are willing to do this.

The cost of the tickets are £25.00 per person (less for those who host).  You can, of course, be what we call a “traveller only” which means you pay the full price of the ticket and merely dine on the evening.  Please let us know when you contact us whether you have any special dietary needs or allergies.

All proceeds raised will be for the upkeep of The Millennium Green and will be Kingsland Millennium Green Trusts’  “Big Fundraiser”  this year.  As you probably know, The Green is an integral part of the village and its upkeep and maintenance is raised by such Charity events along with our 100 Club.

You will all be most welcome to come to his fun evening and would ask you to contact either Helen Flook (709070) or Sally Wall (708982) who look forward to hearing from you.

Helen and Sally