Kingsland Ukrainian Refugee project – can you help?

Ukrainian refugees: A wing and a prayer

We think Kingsland is a special community which would be well placed to provide a supportive environment for a family.

A group of us are looking for a rental property in Kingsland village to provide a Ukrainian family (probably Women and children) with a self-contained home until they can support themselves, maybe for six months to a year. There are some funds available to facilitate this.

We are looking for two things from the village:

  1. Information on any rental properties in Kingsland coming to the market as a matter of urgency. (Within the main village for someone without transport.)
  2. Pledges from individuals to help cover the first six months rental just in case it’s needed. The more pledges the lower the individual contributions will need to be. Although we are seeking to source available funds from elsewhere this would act as a fail-safe.

For your information:

  • There is a good system in place within Herefordshire from the Anglican Diocese linked to Citizens UK whereby families are already in place to move in. This group can provide plenty of support in several ways. Herefordshire Council also provides support.
  • There are individuals in Kingsland preparing to host refugees in their home already so they would hopefully have others to help them settle.
  • We already have an offer of some furniture.
  • There are translators ready to help
  • Most families want a self-contained situation for privacy and to prevent placements in someone’s home breaking down while they are traumatised, which is sadly all too common.
  • Our group can provide a range of skills, including friendship, handling bureaucracy, transport and emotional support, which may be needed by the refugees, and it is hoped the wider community will also want to be involved.
  • A group in the village tried to host Syrian refugees a while ago but the system in place prevented this from happening. The system for Ukrainians is in place and beginning to be better organised so, for the first time, it is possible.

It is by no means certain that it will happen unless we can find a property, but we would like to try.

Please contact: Patricia Pothecary 07974712169  01586708597