Litter Pick Rubbish Mountain


Fortunately it was a dry and sunny day, so it was a very cheerful band of 42 villagers who presented themselves at The Coronation Hall to collect their litter picking equipment, provided by Herefordshire Council, and to select their routes.

Litter Pick April 16And equally cheerful groups returned at different times of the day with horror stories of the quantity, and quality of the rubbish they had found and bagged up all over the Parish!  The bags were all piled up in the Hall car park for the Council to collect later in the week.

There were a few small areas that weren’t covered and these we plan to tackle on Sunday 24th April starting at 9 a.m. from Westmead. All helpers welcome!  Tel: 01568 708281

A plea has been made by the volunteers that dog owners refrain from leaving their bagged dog poos on paths and hanging from hedges but take them home to dispose of them!

We still have some dog owners who do not pick up and bag their dog’s poos in the Church Yard, on the Millennium Green and on the footpaths bordering Fairfield and on the Glebe land.  If you own and/or walk a dog PLEASE make sure you clean up after it where ever you are.

Lisa Juson