Local Plan – Herefordshire Council Public Consultation on where houses should be built in the county

This is an important public consultation on where houses should be built in the county from 2021-2041 and will affect what building happens and where in Kingsland parish in the future.

If you would like to take part and give your opinion please follow the link to the online survey by clicking here.

Responses by February 28th

Herefordshire Council say….

‘The Local Plan 2021- 2041 will set out the planning framework for the county and will cover issues such as housing provision, the economy, retail and town centres, infrastructure provision and the environment. It will also set out policies by which planning applications will be determined, in addition to allocation land for housing, employment and other uses.

The Spatial Options consultation is the first stage in setting out the draft vision and objectives as well as the broad strategic spatial options for where new housing development should be located and what factors should be taken into consideration.’