Millennium Green – 100 Club draw news and appeal


charity number: 1070085

Congratulations to Sue Rowsell and Edmund Jones, our winners in the Autumn draw of our ’100 club’.

This draw is a major part of our fund raising and is essential to our ability to maintain and insure The Green. I am sure that everyone who is able to visit the centre of the village has appreciated how well the Newton family and others have kept the Green in good heart during the past few months. I know that very many people have enjoyed being able to make use of The Green when other places have been ‘out of bounds’.

This year, due to Covid, we were unable to hold The Progressive Supper and TheAngelfest, two events which would have undoubtedly raised sums which would have helped considerable towards our funds. Other smaller events where we would have held our tombolla stall and other small stalls were also not available to us.

The maintenance of the Millennium Green is totally funded by voluntary contributions, no funding is received from The Parish or Herefordshire Councils in respect of these ongoing costs. 

If you appreciate the Millennium Green and do not already take part in The Draw do please consider signing up for as little as £12.00 per year, or more if you wish. Gift Aid can also be added to your contribution if appropriate.

If you would like more details please contact Jackie Markham at 01568 708281 or Westmead, just opposite the School.

With Best Wishes for Christmas.

Jackie Markham Vice-Chair. K.M.G.T.