Millennium Green – Proposed Changes to the Constitution

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Registered Charity No. 1070085


 2nd March 2016

 Kingsland Millennium Green Trust (KMGT) is currently defined as an “unincorporated charity” and is run by twelve trustees. It is registered with the Charity Commission under number 1070085. As with all similar entities, the trustees of KMGT are responsible for making all of the decisions in respect of running the charity. Having said that, they certainly take in to account the views of all interested parties, many of whom attend the open meetings, before making their final decisions.

There is currently a proposal to change the constitution of KMGT. From a practical perspective it will make no difference to the concept of the Green and its use and maintenance. The reason for the proposed change is to replace the original trust deed (dated 22nd May 1998) with a Charity Commission approved model, which has been tailored to the needs of the Green. This will bring it up to date in terms of existing charity law, which has changed several times since 1998, provide a better legal basis for the trustees going forward, and provide a better level of protection for existing and future trustees who are personally liable for all matters at present.

The situation now is that the Charity Commission, along with Natural England and The Big Lottery Fund, are preparing a new model constitution which is suitable for all Millennium Greens. All three entities were party to the original trust deed in 1998 and therefore must be involved in the change. There is no clear timescale on when the new model will be available but the Trustees wish to place a proposal regarding the principle of the change of constitution on the agenda for the KMGT Annual General Meeting on 7th May at the Coronation Hall at 10 am.

In accordance with the existing Trust Deed, decisions of this nature have to be done at the Annual General Meeting. In the event that it is formally decided to change the constitution then, when the new model is available, a new charity, with the same name as the current one, will be registered with the Charity Commission, new trustees will be appointed (although they can be the same as the current trustees), the land forming the Green transferred to the new entity, and the existing charity closed down. Again it should be emphasised that it will make no practical difference to the Green usage and maintenance.

If you have any questions on this issue, please feel free to email the Honorary Secretary, Andrew Parsons, on and he will liaise with the trustees in order to respond.