Miracle Play in Kingsland, Easter 2016 – Do Come and Join Us!


We hope to produce and perform a production of an adaptation of  Medieval Miracle Plays just after Easter 2016 in Kingsland Church.  (The Creation to the Last Judgement in approximately one and a half hours!)

We would like it to be a Kingsland and surrounding parish’s production.   A Community Event, though a couple of leading roles could be performed by professionally trained actors.

We need a minimum cast of thirty five. Many roles are only a few lines and there are some non speaking roles in the crowd scenes.

We will also need backstage helpers, e.g.  Costume making. Sound. Lighting. Advertising etc.

This play is an adaptation by Bridget Ford a  (now retired) professional actor and director, and was first performed in Gloucestershire in 1982.  It was repeated for four years running in Village churches, Malmsbury Abbey and Bristol and Gloucester Cathedrals. It only finished when the director and several cast members had moved away from the area.

It is great fun to do, can use a lot of amateur actors, and is a great community project.

Bridget will direct it again, and rehearsals should start in January 2016, casting before Christmas if possible.

Major speaking parts (none to big) include—


God, Jesus, Lucifer.

Noah, Adam, Moses, Pharaoh, Gabriel, Joseph, John the Baptist, Peter, Three Shepherds, Four Soldiers, Pilate, Judas. Caiphas


Eve, Mrs Noah, Miriam, Mary, Mary Magdalene, Three women (Slaughter of the Innocents,) and voices from the crowd.

Anyone interested please make contact with: Bridget Ford Tel. 01568 620020.  Or, Vicky Sowerbutts Tel 01568 708279.  Or, by email to bridget.ford@directsave.net

Or, speak to Julie Read, who is going to join the cast. 

We have arranged an initial meeting at The Angel  Kingsland at 7.30 on Tuesday December 15th when I can explain what it is all about and how we stage it.