Missing Cat – please let us know if you see him….

We’ve re-located another cat from our previous home (the neighbours couldn’t feed him any more).He’s a feral cat, but was living in our garden for over 2 years with his mother (she was our previous cat that went missing. She’s settled in well here and we thought we would bring the other one along, too).

Unfortunately he’s disappeared . I’ve put his details on national lost pet registers. I think he’s probably moved off, but it’s worth a try. He might be appearing in someone’s garden in Kingsland.

He’s a very fluffy cat, long haired with a VERY BUSHY tail. Mainly white face and brown/white/grey coat. He’s very nervous of humans, so we’ve not got very good photos of him

If you see him please call Debbie on 01568 709226  or  07719 605347

Wheatfield, Kingsland HR6 9QT (main road)

Many thanks!