Please help lobby for Longford/rest of North Road resurfacing

Longford and North Road

Dear Kingsland Resident

It is encouraging that part of North Road (B4360) was resurfaced earlier this year. However, you will still be aware of the poor and increasingly deteriorating state of the remainder of North Road and Longford. The road surface will continue to degrade further during the coming winter months.

Councillor Sebastian Bowen would like the residents of Kingsland to continue to support him and the Parish Council with their repeated requests to have the remainder of the road through the village resurfaced. We residents can assist by continuing to write to, or email Sebastian, stating our concerns about the condition of the road that has not been resurfaced. The safety of the road users and pedestrians throughout the village is paramount.

Sebastian will use our letters and emails to assist him in the lobbying of Hereford Council to convince them of the need to commit further funds to resurface the remainder of North Road and Longford as soon as possible. Please support our local councillor by contacting him.


or write to: Sebastian Bowen
The Studio Flat
Church House
Ashford Bowdler

Yours sincerely

Alison Parker-Morgan