Post Office Future – an update!

This is an update (below) provided by our parish clerk. Please not the options are under discussion at the PC meeting on Tuesday 28th July so this info may change after that date. Everyone is welcome to attend PC meetings (this one is at the PO – details in the Village Diary).

If you want to know about the Localism Act Community Right to Build you can find more information here


From our Parish Clerk:

At the moment the parish council is considering two options for the continuation of the post office service in the village.  The first is the purchase of the existing building housing the post office and shop.  The second is to support the building of a new post office, shop and community facility at the Coronation Hall.  These options are being considered actively with the key parties involved, and will be reviewed at the next parish council meeting on 28 July 2015, which will be held in the meeting room to the rear of the post office.’