Report on the dog show on the Jubilee weekend

Picnic with dogs

From your dog warden

After months of meetings planning and discussions the Picnic with dogs finally arrived as part of the Jubilee celebrations on the 5th of June. And what a day. The public response was incredible, way beyond my expectations. I think this proves we are a nation that loves our dogs.

It was amazing to see how our younger dog handlers controlled and displayed their furry friends.

The events were meant for fun and I think the agility section proved that to perfection. One chap came up to me and said he hadn’t laughed so much for a long time; which after the experience and restrictions of the last two years made it all worth while. Even the weather behaved itself, so did the dogs.

The event would not have been so successful without an army of volunteer helpers to whom I offer my heartfelt thanks. They are too numerous to name individually but you know who you are


My thanks also go to the organisers of the horse drawn vehicle parade, cars and fancy dress, it was much appreciated.

The green was left in a remarkably clean condition which is a credit to all who attended.

Finally we must not forget the reason for the festivities which was to celebrate the remarkable 70 year reign of our Queen

A great day, maybe we should do it again…..?

Phil Christopher