SMAAAK Events News

Edinburgh Fringe 2018 award winners Bowjangles, are appearing in Kingsland Coronation Hall, on Saturday the 19th January at 7:30pm.

Bowjangles are presenting the Legend of Excalibow – a theatrical musical journey through myths, folklore, and legends in a quest to find the most priceless relic of them all – a magical violin bow known as Excalibow. These are four very funny performers and musicians, with tales of pure fantasy, monsters, ancient gods, and historical figures in an action packed show full of comedy, energy and panache.

WARNING: may contain traces of Abba.

Suitable for all ages. Tickets £12 children £8, tickets available from Kingsland Stores and Post Office, 01568-708171,

Secondly, for ages 3 to 7,

The Garlic Theatre Company – with their production of Three Little Piggies Tails. Set in Paris, the story is about a grumpy old wolf chef who wants some piggie tails for his soup. Can the three little piggies outwit the big bad wolf? Can they build their house in time??

This to be at the Methodist Chapel on Feb 9th 2.30pm, running time 45 minutes. Tickets £5 from the  Kingsland Shop and Post Office, or from Peter King on 01568-782399.