Telephone Fraud – urgent message from Leominster Police Safer Neighbourhood Team

Over the last week, there have been numerous incidents within Herefordshire whereby older community members have been scammed out of their hard earned cash. Scammers have phoned up claiming to be a police officer and that there has been fraudulent or theft activity on the persons bank account. They have gained their trust and eventually have asked for that money, so that it can be put into ‘safe keeping’.

It is really important that we get the message out to older members of the community not to give out personal details and especially not banking details to anyone. I have attached a leaflet which has the relevant information on it. (Download by clicking here)

If you have any information regarding these incidents, or are concerned for a member of your community please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind regards

Pcso Harper

Leominster Safer Neighbourhood team