Ukranian Refugees Newsletter

Ukrainian refugees: Kingsland Support Group



Ukrainian refugees continue to increase daily (currently 7.5 million) as more towns and villages are destroyed by war.

Most are desperate to return home to their menfolk or families in Ukraine and see this as temporary, as in any war.

The proposal to find self-contained accommodation in Kingsland for Ukrainian refugees will only be possible when and if a property becomes available. In preparation for this several offers of pledges to help fund future accommodation if necessary have been gratefully received.

However more immediate support is required for those already here or arriving soon. So far three hosts in Kingsland have come forward and are waiting to welcome refugees into their own home, all are women, some with children.

Our group has therefore linked with the organisation overseeing placement of refugees in people’s homes specifically for the Leominster area which includes Kingsland. This organisation is associated with the Hereford diocese and Citizens UK.

Kingsland community could help in several ways:

Offering to host in your own home: There are refugees already waiting to come to the area and can be found for you by these organisations who will oversee the placement. Contact Lesley Grady 07525 159081  or Ian Shanks You will be given £350 per month to help cover additional expenses and refugees will have access to some funds

Helping to fundraise or donating items: As people arrive with very little, initial support is essential and the government monies available to support them may not cover everything needed in the beginning or arrive quickly

Offering transport, to take people to appointments, shopping or for recreation. This could be a commitment to be available once a week/fortnight or month and a rota will be developed.

Helping refugees to meet each other, so that they don’t feel isolated

Teaching English, just patient, simple conversation will be a great help

Respite hosting in your own home perhaps from a few days up to a fortnight when it’s needed

Providing companionship, friendship or just a listening ear

Offering work for those who are ready and able to contribute

Helping people to orientate themselves in the local area

Most refugees are desperate to return to their homes and menfolk or elderly parents in Ukraine but need help now.

If you feel able to help in any way please contact either: Patricia Pothecary 07974 712 169 or

Mike Devoy  07876 593 977