What a Load of Rubbish! – Litter Pick News


Once again we had a great turn out of volunteers, 25 on Saturday 30th and 10 on Sunday 31st March. Fortunately it was a fine weekend which certainly made the job more ‘enjoyable!’  We covered all the roads and almost all the footpaths. Many people felt that the amount of rubbish wasn’t as great as in previous years but even so we amassed a huge pile in the Coronation Hall car park (see photo on website).

Well done and ‘thank you’ to everyone who took part. And ‘thank you’ to Cllr. Sebastian Bowen who provided the equipment and arranged for the spoils to be collected and disposed of. It is good to think that our footpaths, ditches and verges are free of cans, bottles and hub-caps etc. for a few days at least!