Why the Neighbourhood Plan is so CRUCIAL for Kingsland parish. HELP NEEDED!!


The Kingsland Neighbourhood Plan (KNP) is a community-led document which will be about the future use and development of land within our parish over the next 20 years. Our Neighbourhood Plan will define the future look and shape of the parish and will become part of the statutory development plan for Herefordshire. The proposals we set out in our Neighbourhood Plan will be enforced by planning officers when deciding on applications for planning permission.

Why is it important?

Current planning policy is provided at a local level by the Herefordshire Unitary Development Plan, soon to be replaced by the Core Strategy. While this process is taking place and once the Core Strategy is adopted, the parish is open to ad hoc development unless we have a Neighbourhood Plan in place. Our Neighbourhood Plan will have policies which will guide development to the places we as a parish consider it should go.

Who we are and when we meet

The KNP is being produced by volunteers from the parish, this involves members of the Parish Council and other residents of the parish. Presently, the group is made up of 12 villagers,…….BUT WE NEED MORE!!

We meet at The Corners Inn every month.  Our calendar of meetings can be viewed on the Kingsland Life website and notices will be placed on the village noticeboards.  Regular updates will be posted on the website www.kingslandlife.com, and shortly on Facebook and Twitter.


We have a very important job on our hands and it is IMPERATIVE that we have a robust Neighbourhood Plan in place AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Without a Neighbourhood Plan, we will be open to development in places we may consider inappropriate, such as outside the current village settlement boundary. As a member of this community, your input in this process is critical and your assistance with the project is desperately needed.  We need help to do everything from arranging community events to leaflet dropping.

If you have any questions, please contact Patricia on (01568) 708597 or email: kingslandneighbourhoodplan@gmail.com or come along to the next meeting of the KNP group on Monday 7th April at The Corners

 Please come & join us & help us shape our parish