The Methodist Church

Worship is held alternate Sundays in the church in Kingsland at 11am


On Easter Sunday, 1st April, the Communion Service will be led by our own minister, Rev Den Bulloss at Kingsland chapel. Everyone is welcome to join us and is invited to take Communion.

Coffee and Company: The next gathering will be on Tuesday, 24th April at 2.30 – 4.30 pm. Just to clarify a couple of things: you do not have to play games and there is no ‘religion’! Merely a chance to get out of the house, see some friendly faces and have a bit of tea. If you need a lift just ring Edna on 01544 388915 or email Lesley at:

Christmas Tree Festival: The blanket squares, made in to a winning tree by Kingsland Knitters, have now been sewn up into a blanket and very warm it is too!

Kingsland Methodists are still “Losing It” On Thursdays each week there is a drop-in weighing session from 2.30 – 3pm in the chapel. We have some posh new scales. Names, telephone numbers and weight loss or gain will be recorded privately. No public shaming is involved but a prize for the week’s best ‘Loser’. The entry cost is £1 plus an item of healthy food e.g. a vegetable or fruit. The winning ‘Loser’ will be notified by phone and we will arrange to deliver the foodstuffs to them.

Lent Study Group: This has been very inspiring with an average attendance of six. It has been salutary to examine in detail what a passage of scripture, learned by heart as children, really means practically in everyday life.

The Women’s World day of Prayer service unfortunately fell victim to the weather. There will be a collection plate in the chapel from Palm Sunday onwards for those who wish to contribute. The money is used to give grants to organisations all over the world such as Toxteth Women’s Centre, the Mission to Deep Sea Fishermen, Cumbria Flood Fund (2016), Happy Child International (Brazil), Quaker Peace and Social Witness (Palestine) and Traidcraft Exchange (India).

There is a monthly Church Lunch at The Angel at 12.30 pm on the 4th Tuesday of each month, 27th March and 24th April. Let Deanne know if you would like to join us. 01568 613339

The Church Meeting, starting with a Faith Lunch (Bring and Share) will take place on Thursday, 12th April at 12.30 pm

Yoga: “Start Yoga from where you are now.”

Mary Stephens Beginners Yoga classes. Wednesdays10-11, at Kingsland Methodist Church. £6 per class. This class is filling up fast so please contact Mary on 07769686259 if you’d like to join or further details.

Community Garden: If you would like a bed this year, and a share in the fruit, please contact Melinda on 01568 770531

There will be a Coffee Morning on Saturday, 28th April, 10am to 12 noon. All welcome. Plants for sale – as well as refreshments.

Badger Vaccination Coffee Morning: Many thanks to everyone who supported this. The cake competition was won by Jackie Markham and the event raised £112.

In reply to queries, the address for crowdfunding is:

Transport to services:  If you need a lift to attend services please contact Lesley on 708992 and we will try to organise this.

Christ Is Risen

He is risen indeed

Happy Easter!

Lesley Pitchford


In 2012 approval was given to create the Eco-Garden (or Community Garden)on the ground next to the Church. See under Clubs & Organisations/Community Garden for details, There is also more information here – Chapel Lane Community Garden at the Methodist Chapel Kingsland

We very much want the building to be used by the community and we are investigating the demand for a craft and chat group to meet there, an exercise and balance class for older people and a group for children and music.  If you have ideas for the use of this historic and very pleasant building (we have chairs which are easily moved) do please contact Mrs Joan Lobb 01568 708223 or Rev’d Deanne Evans on 01568 613339.


churches-3What adventures we have been experiencing!

First of all let us begin with a little history.  The land for the church or chapel was donated in December 1856 and the building completed in the following year.  Along with the deeds are listed the Trustees who took responsibility for the building through the  years until the Methodist Church Act of 1976.

In 1957 there was a big Centenary Celebration with Russell Shearer as guest speaker. Tea followed in the village hall.  The church was closed for a few years and worship held in the bungalow next door but it was re-opened in 1982.  There was a very successful Kingsland Village Flower Festival held there in 1991 where all the village organizations contributed floral arrangements.

As far as we knew the building had remained unchanged apart from the addition of the porch until this day.

Along with the deeds are kept the lists of Trustees who took responsibility for the building down through the years.

In a recent quinquinnial inspection the surveyor pointed out that at some stage the chapel had been extended towards the car park by about 2-3 metres.  We had never noticed!  This extension proved to be the beginning of our recent adventure.

We knew the end wall was damp and we had engaged a builder to remove the render which was cracked and replace it.  When the render was removed it was discovered that the wall was unstable.  We engaged a structural engineer who reported that the wall was without foundation, built on soft clay mud and that the movement in the wall, which was single brick in places, had resulted in pulling the other walls inwards and snapping all but two of the ceiling hangers.

After an urgent meeting of the Circuit Stewards it was decided to proceed with all due haste to stabilise the building by removing and rebuilding the wall having first dug new foundations and installed adequate drainage. Much other work was undertaken to “jack up” the ceiling and secure double the number of ceiling hangers, replacing some of the purlins as well.

We now have a stable, dry church, newly decorated with a loo suitable for wheelchair use (we had already installed a concrete ramp) and a new kitchen!

On 23rd November 2009, we held a Public Meeting and Consultation in the Coronation Hall to gather the views of the village about the future use of the building.  The minutes of this meeting are available on request.