Other Local Services

This page covers other village and area amenities which we hope you will find useful. Please let us know if there are any others subjects or websites you know about that may be useful to residents via Contact Us. Thanks!



Other services Wheelie binHerefordshire  Council has changed refuse collection from November 2014 to alternate weeks for rubbish and recycling so effectively each type will be collected fortnightly and black wheelie bins will be delivered to those with green recycling bins. You can find more information here.

Refuse collection day may have changed – much of Kingsland is now on a Wednesday.

You can find out your collection days and get other refuse collection queries answered here

There are now very limited domestic recycling facilities in the Coronation Hall’s car-park.

These are capable of accepting only:

  • Clothing and Shoes
  • Books and Music (CD’s etc.)

Leominster provides the nearest Household Recycling Centre – see details here

tip1Click here to see some very useful tips on recycling.

Also, visit Let’s Waste Less website for Herefordshire for ideas on recycling etc.

And to see what happens to our recyclable waste after being sent to EnviroSort in Worcestershire – click here

There is also a local group for recycling things to people who need them called Freecycle and on FreelyWheely you can advertise unwanted things as well 


Other services fire stationKingsland has it’s own Fire Station manned by local On Call firefighters. They have a Facebook here.


There is also more information about our Kingsland fire service here



other services savelibraries-wordle-heartThere is an excellent library in nearby Leominster which also houses Herefordshire Council’s Customer Services centre. It is closed on Wednesdays and Saturday afternnon. See link for further details.

Friends of Leominster Library is a new group (August 2011) set up to support the library service in Leominster. For further details look here



other services weather iconThis Link is to Hereford & Worcester radio weather

Or click here for a 5 days Met Office forecast for Herefordshire

Or try Rain Today for an excellent view of the weather patterns


OTHER USEFUL LOCAL SERVICES – some additional nearby services you may find useful