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Below is a list of new applications, decisions made and a list of applications where no permission has yet been given – all from the Herefordshire Council planning application pages. Just click the application number to see the application details on their site.  The feed direct from Herefordshire Council is at the bottom of the page. 

The Kingsland Neighbourhood Development Plan which has been adopted by Herefordshire Council and is considered when making planning decisions can be read by clicking here 


An appeal has been lodged with the Planning Inspectorate against the decision of Herefordshire Council’s  Planning Committee to refuse planning permission for conversion of the barns south of Longford.  You can comment to the Planning Inspectorate until 19th October.  Here are the various document links needed:

Planning application which includes all the reasons for refusal and appeal documents, including the Appellant’s Statement of Case (Click the app number):   P220095/F  Barns at Kingsland, south of Longford; Proposed conversion of three agricultural buildings to form two dwellings and garaging with associated landscaping and infrastructure.
Planning Inspectorate case link APP/W1850/W/22/3301268
Letter on how to comment, timetable etc. please click here


September Updates

P222381/F  Kingsland Coronation Hall, Kingsland  HR6 9SQ;  Proposed playground for older children

August Updates

P222385/L   The Barn, Little Croase North Road Kingsland  HR6 9RZ; Proposed 2 no. south facing conservation rooflights and new partition wall and door


September Updates

P222243/F   Refused:  Brook Farm Brook Lane Kingsland: Proposed change of use from agricultural land to residential curtilage to include siting a log cabin ancillary to main house
P222501/K  Tree works can proceed:  The Barn, Little Croase North Road Kingsland  HR6 9RZ: 1 Lime Tree – Reduce lateral branches away from property. 1 Semi-Mature Beech tree near garage – 20% All round reduction.
P222066/F  Approved with Conditions:  Kingsland Church Of England Primary School Kingsland HR6 9QN; Proposed replacement windows

August Updates

P221715/F  Approved with Conditions:  Street Farm, Street Court Farm Kingsland  HR6 9QA;  Proposed agricultural manure storage building.
P220992/F   Refused:  Shirlheath Farm Shirlheath Kingsland Herefordshire HR6 9RJ; Proposed steel portal framed building side extension of an existing cattle barn to construct a new muck store.
P220991/F Refused:   Lower Sodgeley Farm Becknell Lane Becknell Kingsland Herefordshire HR6 9PX; Erect a steel portal framed building extension to store cattle muck.


P221124/XA2  Kingsland Sawmills Kingsland Leominster Herefordshire HR6 9SF;  Application for approval of details reserved by condition 4 attached to planning permission 214417
P220851/XA2  Land at Longmore House, Shirlheath Kingsland ; Application for approval of details reserved by condition 6 attached to planning permission 180185
P192435/F  8 Boarsfield Kingsland Herefordshire HR6 9SN: Proposed new dwelling
P191444/F  Waterloo Mill Cobnash Kingsland; Proposed conversion of the mill and associated buildings to 6 units for holiday accommodation
P190597/EIA  Oakfields Farm Kingsland Leominster Herefordshire HR6 9QU; Request for EIA Screening Opinion for the proposed development


Further down this page is a list of current valid and determining planning applications in Kingsland Parish, directly fed in via an RSS feed from Herefordshire Council’s website It may not pick up older applications not yet decided so please check the list above.  ‘Valid’ means they are open for comment, ‘Determined’ means they have been decided upon. Just click the application number in green to see the full application details on Herefordshire Council’s website.

The video top right tells you how to use the map, how to use Herefordshire Council’s planning application page and how to make comments on an application (click the bottom right-hand corner to make it full screen).

You can have your say about new planning applications when they are discussed in Kingsland Parish Council Meetings. Dates and Agendas for Parish Council meetings can be seen here.

Some planning applications go to Herefordshire Council’s Planning Committee for a decision. If you want to view meeting dates, agendas, minutes and decisions you can find them here.

Some planning applications that have been refused by Herefordshire Council are appealed by the applicant to the Planning Inspectorate. Any current planning appeals we are aware of are also listed at the top of the page.

To see older applications and more detail on the outcomes of applications click this linkTo see details of old Kingsland area applications (December 2011 and before), use UK Planning via this link.

Please remember that the centre of the village is a Conservation Area and that stricter planning laws apply in this area for any building, development and tree work. Details can be obtained from the Planning Department of Hereford Council and the area can be seen edged in red in this map – Conservation Area.  Also, see here for a list of Kingsland’s Listed Buildings.