Bibliography and Historical Documents


This history of Kingsland has been developed from the following works:

  • Kingsland’s History, produced by Revd George Jobling (see documents below)
  • The Leon Valley by Norman C. Reeves, and published by Phillimore & Co., of Chichester, Sussex
  • Listed Buildings in Kingsland

We are indebted to many others who have provided input into this history – and further contributions are always welcome. General online resources for research on Kingsland are listed at the bottom of this page.


Below are documents of historical interest. If you have any others we can add please contact us via the Contact Us page. As usual, please get permission from the lender before reproducing any of these documents elsewhere. Many thanks.

1. The History of Kingsland

This was typed up from the original documents and lent by Malcolm Sampson.  You can read it by clicking here It includes:

  1. Transcript of the ‘History of Kingsland’ written by the Rev George Henzel Jobling, rector of Kingsland from 1925-1953. This was written in the late 1950s/1960 and the original is reproduced further down the page. (document p2-27)
  2. A transcript taken from ‘Village History 1854-1954; Our Village in Living Memory’ written by the WI in 1958, together with bits from the WI scrapbook produced in 1960. The originals of these documents are in the Hereford Archive (HARC) in Hereford. A guide to the contents in this part of the document is below:
Page no. on document       Subjects Covered
27-28 Introduction and History
31 The Village
33 Population
34 Landowners
37 Inns
38 Coronation Hall
39-50 St Michael and All Angels Church – includes Building; Rectors; Organ; Choir; Sunday School; Bells and Bellringers; Customs; Registers; The Wheel Bier; Expenses; Charities; Theft of Church Plate
51 Other Places of Worship
52 Kingsland School
59 Local Government – Includes The Vestry; Kingsland Councillors; The Rural District Council; The County Council; Elections; Politics
68 Doctors
70 Entertainment at The Croase
71 Trades; Businesses; Occupations
79 The Post Office
81 Agriculture

2. The History of Kingsland by the Rev George Jobling

Contributed by Bryan and Jackie Markham, this is the original document (in two parts) written by the Rev James Jobling in the late 1950s/1960 (transcribed in the document above).

Jobling Kingsland History Part 1

Jobling Kingsland History Part  2

3. Dr Robert Williams (‘Doctor Bob’) 1849-1936

Doctor Bob lived and died at the Croase which was owned by his grandfather. He practiced as a doctor at The Croase for 60 years. This biography was written by his son Edward Robert Williams in 2003 (contributed by Bryan and Jackie Markham)

Dr. Robert Williams (Doctor Bob) – 1849-1936

4. Parish magazines

Many thanks again to Bryan and Jackie Markham who have lent us 3 Parish Magazines from 1874 and just click on the edition below to read them. Very different from the Kingsland News we receive today!

Kingsland Parish Magazine – March 1874

Kingsland Parish Magazine – November 1874

Kingsland Parish Magazine – December 1874

5 The Kingsland  School 1846-1996 150th Anniversary booklet

Many thanks to Cliff Davis for lending this and you can listen to his memories on the Oral History page.  You can read the booklet by clicking here

6 A bill for a coffin from G. Lewis and Son at the Jubilee Wagon Works

This document from 1943 was kindly lent by Bryan and Jackie Markham. It shows a bill for a coffin for John Sankey in 1943. At this time G. Lewis was also an undertaker.



In addition, we give below some links to web pages which are interesting further reading: