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Village talk Chit Chat cartoonThis section of the web is for letters, interesting comments etc from Parishioners of Kingsland, Herefordshire and for people who have left the area/local schools who want to make contact with anyone, etc. Family history enquiries are now all together on out Family History Enquiries page under History.

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B4529 Leominster to Kingsland Road Surface

Many Kingsland residents and other road users have concerns about the state of the section of the B4360 road which links Kingsland and Leominster, particularly from the junction with the B4529 into Kingsland village. As you will probably be aware the road is in very poor condition with potholes, sunken areas, cracks in the tarmac and the sides of the road breaking down. Some of the deeper potholes have been repaired a number of times, but these temporary repairs break down quickly. It appears that our Council Tax money is being wasted on these constant repairs that do not last.

There are also huge safety implications caused by the poor state of the road surface. This is a busy, well-used route which is now frequently causing cyclists and drivers to adjust their road position in order to avoid the worst potholes. Many road users have also suffered expensive damage to tyres, wheels, car suspension units, making their vehicles unroadworthy.

If, as local residents, we email our local County Councillor, Sebastian Bowen, he will put our concerns about the safety and condition of the road to the Hereford Council. Hopefully, the more emails Sebastian receives, the more likely it is that action will be taken. This particular stretch of road appears to be one of the worst in the County and should be re-surfaced as a matter of urgency.


Alison Parker-Morgan














Enquiry about a tapestry in Leominster Museum

I’m following up an enquiry begun by local historian and author, Norman Reeves and I some years ago. It involves the donation of a tapestry to Leominster Museum said to have been the work of Lorina Liddell (elder sister to Alice Liddell of ‘Alice In Wonderland’ fame). The donor was said to be Mrs Dora Price nee. Williams of Kingsland. I should very much like to know anything anyone can tell me anything about it or if they may know someone else who can,
Thank you very much,
Stuart Currie  email

Who was at Kingsland Sports day in 1948? – Can You Help?!

Memories of the past GR Kingsland Sports Day 1945We have a great picture from Gordon Roberts showing Kingsland Sports day but it would be even better if we could identify all the people!! Can anyone identify anyone? If so please let us know by calling or mailing us via the Contact Us page. Many thanks!