About Us

This Kingsland Website has been produced by volunteers from the parish in coordination with organisations throughout the parish

We have a big reach for a small village website and here are our figures from Google for 2019

The objectives of the site include:

  • A website managed by the village for the village
  • Informing villagers, ex-villagers and others, on what is here in the Parish and what is going on
  • Supporting existing clubs and associations
  • Advertising local events with news, calendars, etc
  • Publicising other village-focused activities (eg Parish Council activities, road works, library, shop, bus routes, planning applications, etc)
  • Publicising “Special Activities/Projects” (eg Parish Plan, and others)
  • Supporting local Trades and Services in the parish
  • Non-profit making
  • Getting Kingsland information together on one site (with links as necessary) to act as a “Kingsland Database”

We now have a Constitution to ensure that the running of the site has some rules (see here for the Constitution). Note that at a committee meeting on 23rd February 2011, the constitution was changed to require a minimum of 2 meetings per year.

The site is non profit making and we would like to thank all the site Sponsors who have financed the running of the site. Please see the Sponsors page here

All information is published in good faith. Please notify us of any mistakes.

Any feedback (positive, negative or ideas) is always welcome, either via the Contact Us page or to any of the committee members directly.

And last but definitely not least, many thanks to Brian Pettit who built, maintained and updated the KingslandLife website for 3 years and who without, it wouldn’t exist at all!!

Very Many Thanks!!

How to use the website

There is a tab for each page across the top of this page, with lots of sub menus you’ll see as you move your mouse over each one. Just click to go to the page you want. Throughout the website there are links to other web pages, documents or e-mail addresses. All these are underlined green bolded. If links are to .pdf documents you will need Adobe Reader and you can download it by clicking on the Adobe logo at the bottom of any page and then clicking on the ‘download’ icon.

If you’re looking for something specific there is also a Search box at the bottom of each page.