Background info on Neighbourhood Planning

Why it is important to produce a Neighbourhood Plan for Kingsland Parish

  • All local planning decisions are based on policies contained within the Herefordshire Core Strategy and guidance from Central Government in the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF).
  • The Core Strategy no longer has a settlement boundary for Kingsland and has re-categorised Shirlheath and Cobnash as a settlement for development (like Kingsland).
  • Areas outside these “settlements” will remain as open countryside where development will be resisted.
  • Without a Neighbourhood Plan, all planning decisions will be based mainly upon the new Core Strategy
  • A Neighbourhood Plan will enable decisions to be made about development, taking into account what we want as a community

What is being proposed for Housing in Kingsland parish by Herefordshire Council?

  • The new plan requires around 5,300 new dwellings to be provided in Herefordshire’s rural areas between 2011 and 2031.
  • The share of this 5,300 amongst the villages within the Leominster Rural Housing Area will equate to 14% within each parish. In Kingsland partish Kingsland, Cobnash and Shirlheath have been identified as settlements for development by Herefordshire Council.
  • Consequently Kingsland, Shirlheath and Cobnash must look to provide development to help reach an increase of a minimum of 14% on the current number of dwellings in the parish.
Housing Requirements 2011-2031 Kingsland parish
No. of existing dwellings 470 (approx)
No. of new dwellings required (minimum 14%)  66
No. of  dwellings currently with planning permission 45
Minimum No. of additional new dwellings required between 2011 – 2031* 21

* This table updated October 2016. Figure could change as land with current planning permission may not be implemented or the numbers of houses proposed may be reduced, hence the figure is a minimum.

General Information

What is Neighbourhood Planning and why does it matter? Find out here from Gov.UK

My Community Rights have produced a useful Quick Guide to Neighbourhood Plans

The Royal Town Planning Institute also has a dedicated website with lots of useful information and resources here

Herefordshire Information

Herefordshire Council’s new Core Strategy for planning and development in Herefordshire from 2011-2031 can be found here.

Herefordshire Council has also got specific pages, documents and links to information sources on their website designed to help development of Neighbourhood Plans. The pages can all be found from the Introduction page here.