Parish Poll Kingsland Post Office Building


The full results from the Returning Officer can be seen by clicking here. The majority were against.

There will be an Extraordinary Meeting of the Parish Council at 7.30pm on Tuesday 15th September to consider the result, at the Post Office. Agenda shortly on the Parish Council/Agendas and Minutes page.


The Parish Council is holding a Parish Poll on whether parishioners wish them to purchase the Post Office building.

The Parish Poll is from 4pm-9pm on Thursday 10th September at the Coronation Hall. Details here

The official Notice of Poll is here

Please read the following documents which give you all the information you need, including the question being asked. Just click to view them. We recommend you read them in the order given below :-

Information Letter from the Parish Council

Map of the Property (Described in Information Letter)

Timetable of Proceedings

Spreadsheet 1 (described in Information Letter)

Spreadsheet 2 (described in Information Letter)

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