Kingsland Parish Plan

Please note that the Parish Plan is being superseded by the Neighbourhood Plan though it forms part of the Evidence Base of documents that have informed the Neighbourhood Plan. Please see the Neighbourhood Plan pages for more information.

Webmaster 24.6.16

Please note re the Clarifications below that the Shop at The Garden (and the Garden itself) closed in September 2014. The Post Office is facing imminent closure and the Parish Council has called a public meeting on how to keep a Post Office in Kingsland at 7pm on Tuesday December 9th at the  Coronation Hall.

Webmaster 19.11.14

Kingsland Parish Plan Clarifications

With reference to statements in the Parish Plan on page 6 (paragraph 6), page 19 (section 6.1) and page 20 (section 6.2)

The Shop is OPEN at the Garden Tea Room. The Deli/Shop sells local produce, bread, handmade cake, milk, eggs, drinks, baking goods, first aid items and edible treats

The Post Office intends to remain OPEN in 2014

Both businesses will remain open for the foreseeable future and people are encouraged to use the Deli/ Shop and Post Office regularly to ensure they remain open for the community

20th October 2013

The previous Parish Plan was developed in 2005, and has now been updated to reflect the concerns and issues of 2013 and beyond.

The finished product of all the excellent work is shown below via these links. Well done to all on the committee!!

The Parish Plan Kingsland Parish Plan September 2013  (pdf)

Appendix I : Kingsland Parish Plan 2013 Survey Data Charts (pdf)

Appendix II : Kingsland Parish Plan 2013 Survey Questionnaire (pdf)

Appendix III : Kingsland Parish Map

KPP Paish Map Cropped Colour

See here for the 2005 Parish PlanA Housing Needs survey was also completed in 2006 and can be seen here

Parish Plans are being prepared throughout the county; see here to explore them all.