Parish Council Meetings, Agendas & Minutes

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Meetings of Kingsland Parish Council will be online for the next few months. Members of the public can join the meetings by clicking on the link at the top of each agenda.

April 2019 through 2020 Meetings

The schedule for 2020/21 meetings is available to view by clicking here.

Month Date of Meeting Agenda Minutes
April Tuesday 16 April 2019 Available Available
May Tuesday 21 May 2019 AM* Available Available
May Wednesday 29 May 2019 APM* Available Unavailable
June Tuesday 18 June 2019 Available Available
July Tuesday 23 July 2019 Available Available
September Tuesday 10 September 2019 Available Available
October Tuesday 15 October 2019 Available Available
November Tuesday 19 November 2019 Available Available
January Tuesday 14 January 2020 Available Available
February Tuesday 11 February 2020 Available Available
February Tuesday 25 February 2020 Available Available
March Tuesday 10 March 2020 Available Available
April Tuesday 14 April 2020 CANCELLED CANCELLED
May Tuesday 26 May 2020 – ONLINE*** Available Draft Available
June Tuesday 23 June 2020 ONLINE Available Unavailable
July Tuesday 28 July 2020 – ONLINE Unavailable Unavailable
September Tuesday 8 September 2020 ONLINE Unavailable Unavailable

*Annual Meeting (AM) and/ or Annual Parish Meeting (APM)
**Alternative venue – please check agenda for details
***Extraordinary meeting

Draft minutes are now available under new transparency guidelines. These will be updated if necessary after approval at the following PC meeting.

All meetings usually start at 7.30pm and are currently taking place online due to the Covid 19 situation. Please see the top of each agenda for a link to join each meeting via the internet.  The Annual Parish Meeting begins at 7pm and is followed by the Annual Meeting of the parish council.

Local Connection Committee Meetings

Kingsland Parish Council established the Local Connection Committee on 19 December 2016.  The committee is tasked with confirming the local connection to Kingsland for Herefordshire Housing in respect of the development by St Mary’s Farm, and was formed to allow the parish council to respond within the 1 week time frame required by the housing association.  The committee only meets if the local connection cannot be considered at a scheduled parish council meeting due to the requirement for a prompt response.

The members of the committee are: Cllr. D Fordham, Cllr. J Vaughan and Cllr. B Watkins.  Due to the sensitive nature of the local connection process, the verification section of the committee meeting is held in closed session.

Month Date of Meeting Agenda Minutes
May Wednesday 24 May 2017 Available Unavailable

Please check the agenda to find out the venue of the local connection committee meetings.

Previous Meetings & Minutes (2012-March 2017)

Month Date of Meeting Minutes
April 12th April 2012 Available
May 23rd May 2012* Available
June 28th June 2012 Available
July 24th July 2012 Available
September 10th September 2012 Available
October 9th October 2012 Available
November 27th November 2012 Available
January 22nd January 2013 Available
March 12th March 2013 Available
April Thursday 11th April 2013 Available
May Tuesday 21st May 2013* Available
June Tuesday 25th June 2013 Available
July Tuesday 30th July 2013 Available
September Tuesday 10th September 2013 Available
October Tuesday 15th October 2013 Available
November Tuesday 12th November 2013 Available
December Wednesday 18th December 2013*** Available
January Tuesday 21st January 2014 Available
March Tuesday 11th March 2014 Available
April Tuesday 22nd April 2014 Available
May Tuesday 20th May 2014 AGM and APM* Available
June Tuesday 17th June 2014 Available
July Tuesday 22nd July 2014 Available
September Tuesday 9th September 2014 Available
October Tuesday 14th October 2014 Available
November Tuesday 25th November 2014 Available
December Tuesday 9th December 2014*** Available
January Monday 5th January 2015*** Available
January Tuesday 20th January 2015 Available
February Thursday 12th February 2015*** Available
March Monday 9th March 2015*** Available
March Tuesday 24th March 2015 Available
April Monday 20th April 2015 Available
May Tuesday 26th May 2015 APM* Available
May Tuesday 26th May 2015 AM* Available
June Tuesday 23rd June 2015 Available
July Tuesday 28th July 2015 Available
September Tuesday 8th September 2015 Available
September Tuesday 15th September 2015*** Available
October Tuesday 20th October 2015 Available
November Tuesday 24th November 2015 Available
January Tuesday 19th January 2016 Available
March Tuesday 8th March 2016 Available
March Tuesday 22nd March 2016*** Available
April Tuesday 12th April 2016 Available
April Tuesday 26th April 2016*** Available
May Thursday 26 May 2016 APM* Available
May Thursday 26 May 2016 AM* Available
June Tuesday 21 June 2016 Available
June Thursday 30 June 2016 Available
July Tuesday 26 July 2016 Available
September Thursday 8 September 2016 Available
October Tuesday 18 October 2016** Available
November Tuesday 22 November 2016 Available
December Monday 19 December 2016*** Available
January Tuesday 17 January 2017 Available
February Tuesday 21 February 2017 Available
March Tuesday 21 March 2017 Available
April Tuesday 11 April 2017 Available
April Friday 21 April 2017 Available
May Tuesday 30 May 2017 APM* Available
May Tuesday 30 May 2017 AM* Available
June Tuesday 20 June 2017 Available
July Tuesday 25 July 2017 Available
August Tuesday 1 August 2017*** Available
September Tuesday 12 September 2017 Available
October Tuesday 17 October 2017 Available
November Tuesday 21 November 2017 Available
January Tuesday 9 January 2018 Available
February Tuesday 13 February 2018 Available
February Monday 19 February 2018 Available
March Tuesday 13 March 2018 Available
April Tuesday 24 April 2018 Available
May Tuesday 29 May 2018 APM* Available
May Tuesday 29 May 2018 AM* Available
June Tuesday 26 June 2018 Available
July Tuesday 31 July 2018 Available
September Tuesday 11 September 2018 Available
October Tuesday 16 October 2018 Available
November Tuesday 20 November 2018 Available
December Tuesday 18 December 2018*** Available
January Wednesday 9 January 2019 Available
February Tuesday 12 February 2019 Available
March Tuesday 12 March 2019 Available

* Annual Meeting and Annual Parish Meeting

Please note that draft minutes are published here then final Minutes only after Councillors have verified that they are a true record.